5 International Container Shipping Services Your Company Needs

Companies use international container shipping services frequently. As the amount of consumers who use the internet to shop increases, the need for international shipping increases as well. After all, the internet allows sales to occur all over the world. As a business owner, you need to provide all of your customers with access to your products. However, you need to do so in effective, profitable ways. Read on to learn about the international container shipping services your company needs.

Shipment Monitor

Firstly, you need to find an international container shipping company that provides shipment monitoring. With this feature, you can effectively track your packages as they travel overseas. If an error occurs and your shipment times get pushed back, you can find out easily. If you already implement call tracking solutions for customer interactions, this feature will only add to your customer service. Many companies even have mobile apps for you to use for real-time monitoring purposes. Business owners who utilize such apps can take it upon themselves to reach out to customers who are waiting for their packages.When a package’s delivery time alters because of an issue, you can explain to worried customers that they will be receiving their good shortly. Thus, shipment monitoring limits your stress and boosts your customer service. For these reasons, it is a great international container shipping service.

Load Calculator

In order to provide customers with the best services, you also need to find an international container shipping company that offers load calculators. Load calculators allow you to visualize how your packages will be placed for overseas shipping. To work a load calculator, begin by inputting your cargo’s specifications. Write down these specifications to make your maintenance supply management more efficient as well. Then, choose whether you want your packages to be packed on pallets or not. After you make this decision, the calculator will position your packages digitally. These calculators were designed to determine the best placements. However, you can move your packages around the shipping container if you disagree with the calculator’s placement. Look for a company who offers this international container shipping service for optimal product protection.

Less-Than-Container Load

Also, find a  service that provides less-than-container load (LCL) shipping. Many businesses offer customers slow shipping estimates because they do not have LCL shipping options. Without this option, businesses have to wait until they have enough packages ready to fill up an entire container. Depending on your business size and how many sales you make, this could take a long time. If you find a service that offers LCL shipping, you can send out your packages sooner. In turn, you will increase your customer satisfaction rates. Therefore, this international container shipping service is advantageous for all companies.

International Air Freight

Numerous businesses assume that air freight is a poor international container shipping service. While these services are more costly, they have numerous benefits that you should consider. For instance, international air freight is much faster than ocean freight. If your team forgets to send out a group of packages, you can turn still have them delivered on time with air freight services. Then, you can retain your customers from all over the world. If you manage to do so, the additional costs for immediate delivery will pay off. Keep your customers happy by selecting an international container shipping company that provides air freight as an option.

Multiple Pickup Options

Finally, the best international container shipping companies offer business owners multiple pickup options. Major companies provide one-time pickup, recurring pickup and dropoff as options. All of these options prove advantageous, especially if you are new to the international container shipping process. If you own a small company that is currently expanding, your duties are likely growing. Therefore, you might not have time to drive to your local post office to drop off packages. You might not have the constant sales to schedule recurring pickups. In this case, you can choose the one-time pickup option. Simply schedule when you would like your packages to be picked up online. You have multiple possibilities with this international container shipping service.

Various business owners grow their companies through international shipping. They expand by optimizing Amazon products and meeting customers’ delivery needs. To do so efficiently, look for a shipping company that offers real-time shipment monitoring on a mobile app. Find a company that has load calculators available as well. The best companies expedite business processes by providing LCL options. International air freight costs more than ocean freight, but it expedites deliveries. Additionally, search for shipping companies that provide multiple pickup options to meet every business owner’s needs. Keep these international container shipping services in mind when choosing a company to work with.

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