5 Features The Best Live Chat Providers Offer For Customer Services

There are several features the best live chat providers offer for customer services. Many businesses integrate live chat software into their websites to offer customers a more modern and efficient form of communication. Indeed, these solutions can send product advertisements, offer real time solutions and generate new leads. As a business owner, familiarize yourself with the best live chat features to support customers. This way, you can boost your sales and improve your marketing campaign. Read on to discover different features the best live chat providers offer for customer services.

Customizable Chat Buttons

First, the best live chat providers offer customizable chat button features for customer services. Create your own chat buttons with different phrases, shapes and colors. You can even choose the button’s position, animation and hover effects. Plus, you can adjust the sizes to support these buttons on mobile and tablet websites. More so, you can add company images, HTML code or URLs to these buttons so your customers can instantly access key resources. Write custom messages like “How can I help you today?” or “Follow this link to be directed to the FAQ page.” In fact, the elegant buttons can improve design of the business website. Surely, customizable chat buttons are one of the best features live chat providers offer.

Real-Time Reporting

Real-time reporting is another feature the best live chat companies provide for customer services. Access up-to-the-minute information on your chat rates, agent activity, and satisfaction rankings. This way, you can make smart chat prioritization decisions in real time. These solutions even offer charts where you can see which days and times you get the most live chat traffic. You can then use these insights to schedule more staff during busy times and less during quiet hours. In addition, you can also filter satisfaction ratings, sort conversation logs and receive chat summaries. Of course, the best live chat providers offer real time reporting features.

Automated Chatbots

In addition, another feature the best live chat providers offer is automated chatbots. With these automations, your live chat representatives can talk to multiple customers a day. Plus, they can assist you with qualifying leads and scheduling appointments so your employees have more time to solve problems in real time. You can also preset common answers and phrases so your customers can access simple fixes. Once the bots detect unfamiliar phrases, the software can flag chats that require human interactions. These often include broken products, wrong orders or incomplete deliveries. This way, you can manage scheduled appointments and provide quality customer support. In short, the best live chat providers offer automated chatbots for customer services.

Proactive Chat Invitations

More so, the best live chat brands offer proactive chat invitations for customer services. With proactive chat invitations, send messages to your website visitors when they log onto your site. In the settings, you can choose the audience segment you want certain messages to hit. For example, your bot can say “Hello, what brought you to our website today?” to customers who are just browsing the site. Or, you can send messages like “Are you looking for office desks today? Follow this link to view the 1000+ models we offer.” These message invitations can boost your chances of customers interacting with your bots. Plus, they can improve your sales. Definitely, another feature the best live chat providers offer is proactive chat invitations.

Built-In Marketing Strategies

Furthermore, the best live chat providers offer built-in marketing strategies. Once you install the software, you can answer questions from leads and potential customers in real time. Plus, the software shows you exactly which page your clients are on to offer them specific help. For example, chat over tutorials and customer reviews about your furniture selection if the customer sends a chat from that page. You can say “I see you’re looking for a table. Here are some tips.” Additionally, you can gather insights to send data driven marketing campaigns via live chats, SMS or email messaging. Certainly, another feature the best live chat providers offer for customer services is built-in marketing strategies.

There are several features the best live chat providers offer for customer services. First, customizable chat buttons let you create your own messages to your live chat services. With knowledge-based integrations, create a list of help articles to provide answers 24/7. In addition, you can use proactive chat invitations to automatically send messages and lighten the workload for your team. More so, use proactive chat invitations to encourage customers to start a chat with your team. Furthermore, built-in marketing strategies let you send emails and SMS messages directly to your customers. These are the best features live chat providers offer for customer services.

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