5 Examples Of Data Driven Marketing Campaigns That Work

Businesses launch data driven marketing campaigns to boost their sales. These campaigns involve collecting marketing data from multiple sources. Many marketing professionals like yourself gather customer engagement data on their websites and social media channels. In order to use this information effectively, you need to learn how companies put data to use in real-life advertising strategies. Keep reading for examples of data driven marketing campaigns that work.

Retargeting Audiences

Firstly, successful marketing teams launch retargeting campaigns. They use search retargeting optimization tricks to reach out to past customers. Moreover, you can send brand reminders across multiple platforms. Marketing teams build retargeting campaigns to target consumers on social media channels and websites alike. To launch this type of campaign, track each of your customer’s purchases. Then, use your data to target them with highly relevant advertisements. If a consumer purchases a pair of high heels from your online shop, drive them back to your site by sending them ads on similar shoes. This is a great example of a data driven marketing campaign that works.

Using Paid Search Optimization

Consider launching a campaign based on paid search optimization data as well. Paid search optimization campaigns focus on driving traffic to websites through keywords. As a marketing professional, you know that keywords directly impact search engine results. In order to out-rank your competition on popular search engines like Google, you need to use the best keywords. When companies launch campaigns based on keywords, they create more effective marketing materials. In turn, they yield better results. Launch your next marketing campaign based on paid search optimization data to reach more consumers.

Personalizing Emails

Additionally, marketers increase their conversion rates when they launch data driven email marketing campaigns. They use demographic data to personalize their emails. Consider using age, gender and location to personalize emails. Many marketing professionals also collect data based on jobs and hobbies as well. By collecting this data, you can take personalizing emails to a new level. Rather than just using your recipients’ names, you can include content that they can directly relate to. If you succeed, you will increase your sales with this data driven marketing campaign example.

Following Industry Trends

Marketing teams also boost sales by creating campaigns based off of industry trends. You can take a few approaches to this type of data driven campaign. However, one of the best ways is to use social media data. Social platforms are trending themselves. Thus, they are great sources of information when it comes to the latest topics, products and issues. Take a deep dive into the trending hashtags that your target audience is using on Instagram and Twitter. Analyze the most popular Facebook ads within your sector. Then, use the information you obtain to improve your next social media campaign.This is yet another example of a data driven marketing campaign that works.

Using Consumer Feelings

On top of the above examples of data driven marketing campaigns, develop a campaign based on consumer feelings. Emotion plays a major role in any campaign. However, launching one that focuses on driving a specific emotion out of consumers leads to big returns. Gather data on your target audience members’ main issues. Use their problems in your advertisements. Consumers with leg injuries get triggered by ads that display leg injuries. Once you trigger an emotional response, you can show consumers how your products or services can solve their issues. Use this example of a data driven marketing campaign to engage with consumers on a personal level.

Teams use marketing data to launch more effective campaigns. Try launching a retargeting campaign to drive previous visitors back to your site. Use paid search optimization and the top SEO secrets to reach your target audience in your next campaign. Improve email marketing campaigns by using data to personalize your content. Follow industry trends to ensure that your campaigns align with what consumers are interested in at the moment. Finally, develop promising campaign strategies by analyzing consumers’ emotions. These examples of data driven marketing campaigns work for brands around the world.

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