How To Become A Location Scout For Film And TV

There are various steps to become a location scout for film and TV. Directors and writers are constantly looking for locations to fulfill imaginations for certain scripts or scenes. More so, film executives are hiring professionals to manage location logistics including permits, availability and permissions. As an aspiring location scout, there are several factors that can help you build a company in the entertainment industry. Read on to discover how to become a location scout for film and TV.

Obtain An Education

First, you should obtain an education to become a TV and film location scout. Many film directors look for location scouts with an eye for detail and production expertise. More so, they want professionals with a background in management to maintain legal matters and liability issues. As a result, consider attending college to receive a bachelor’s degree in film and business. With this education, you will know how to manage properties, create contracts and communicate effectively with property owners. Plus, you’ll understand how to produce the perfect site. For example, you might find a property that matches the requested location. However, you need to consider lighting, surrounding environments and distance from needed sources, such as a lake or river. Definitely obtain an education to become a location scout.

Connect With Professionals

Secondly, connect with professionals to become a location scout in the entertainment industry. Generate a network of industry-related professionals, directors and CEOs. Ensure you obtain their contact information including emails and phone numbers. Stay in touch and discuss if there are any projects you can help with. As a result, you might be considered for network-based projects. Plus, you’ll have effective endorsements from respected workers in the industry for character references. More so, your colleague may recommend you to directors or writers for their up and coming productions. Of course, connect with professionals to become a location scout in film and TV.

Gain Experience

Next, you can become a location scout for film or TV by gaining experience. Find a small production to get your foot in the industry door and take experience to the next level. Go online to sites such as Craigslist, Indeed or LinkedIn and find openings for small productions. Typically, these jobs require you to find a location in a local area and take pictures or videos. Of course, smaller productions require less responsibility than major studio projects. However, you can document your images and discovered locations to create a portfolio. As a result, you can increase your odds of landing scouting projects for major studios. Certainly, gain experience to become a location scout for the entertainment industry.

Source Locations

Furthermore, you need to know how to source locations to become a film and TV location scout. Communicate with your director to discover what type of location is needed for filming. Then, compile a list of potential sites for production. Review real estate listings and online platforms for open houses. Also, consider contacting a film commission in your county. Typically, this firm has a list of properties available to film. Of course, after finding locations, you need to visit the property. Get a feel for the area, take notes and takes photos of the location. Ensure it conforms to the director or writer’s vision before bringing it back for review. Plus, confirm it is available for filming. Definitely, source locations to become a location scout for film and TV.

Discuss With The Property Owner

Finally, to become a film and TV location scout, you need to communicate with the property owner. The perfect site might be a private property. As a result, you’ll need to communicate and create an agreement with the owner. Of course, if the owner is not home or cannot be reached, talk to neighbors and tenants. Or, search the property online to discover data about contacting the owner. After reaching out to the owners, request for permission to film at their location. Also, discuss filming processes that the studio needs. For example, ask about time restrictions, property alterations and renovations. Remember, property managers have roles and responsibilities to maintain.Certainly, the final step of becoming a location scout for film and TV is being able to discuss with the property owner.

There are several steps to become a location scout for film and TV. First, obtain an education to verify you understand the scouting process and finding the perfect location. Secondly, connect with professionals to generate a respected network and increase your chance of employment. Next, gain experience to expose yourself to the industry and practice your skills. Furthermore, you need to source locations and find the perfect match for your employer’s vision. Finally, you’ll have to be able to discuss with property owners to receive permission for filming, time restrictions and property altercations. These are a few steps to follow to become a location scout for film and TV.

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