What Jobs Can You Get With A Bachelor’s Degree In Social Work?

New college graduates with their bachelor’s degrees in social work enter the business world with tons of opportunities. As a student majoring in social work, you want to know what those opportunities are before you graduate. You need to open your eyes to the fields available within the social work business. Then, you can take advantage of internship possibilities while in school and increase your chances of landing a job straight out of college. Continue reading to learn the jobs you can get with a bachelor’s degree in social work.

Psychiatric Social Worker

Many students who get their bachelor’s degree in social work move on to become psychiatric social workers. This job entails working with mental health patients. Most psychiatric social workers work in either hospitals or inpatient treatment centers. During a typical work day, they asses patients in order to determine how to treat them. They ask questions regarding the patient’s social needs, emotional state and interpersonal skills. Popular treatment methods that these social workers use include group therapy, family therapy and individual counseling. If working with mentally ill patients interests you, consider applying for psychiatric social work jobs post-graduation.

Visitation Counselor

Graduates with their bachelor’s degree in social work also qualify for visitation counselor positions. On a daily basis, visitation counselors conduct in-home and in-community visitation sessions. They often specialize in working with children who have been placed into the foster care system. These counselors meet with them and their parents who were deemed unfit to care for them. They manage their cases through assessments and intervention planning. Consider this job role prior to graduating with your bachelor’s degree in social work.

Probation Officer

Furthermore, consider following a career path that leads to a job as a probation officer. You can become a probation officer with a bachelor’s degree in social work. Students often think that they need to study areas of law to become a probation officer. While such studies do also prepare graduates for this type of work, you do not need a law degree to land a probation officer position. Social work courses set probation officers up for success. They need to have interpersonal, communication and problem-solving skills that social workers possess. They also need to learn the analytical skills that social work courses offer students. Since you are majoring in social work, you can put those qualities on your resume. Use a resume template to ensure that you format it correctly. Then, you can use your social work degree to become a successful probation officer.

Social Service Manager

Another job that you can get with a bachelor’s degree in social work is social service manager. Upon getting such a job, you gain responsibilities regarding the public. Your duties include engaging with the public to determine what they need to improve their lives. Once you decide on the services they need, you have to create programs that implement the necessary services. To ensure that the tasks are completed appropriately, social service managers hire workers to run the programs. Consider using your bachelor’s degree in social work to work with your community as a social service manager.

Substance Abuse Counselor

In addition to the above jobs you can get with a bachelor’s degree in social work, you can also become a substance abuse counselor. This is one of the best entry level jobs for those graduating with social work degrees. If you choose to follow this career path, you will offer addicted individuals various recovery options. You will provide services in out-patient substance abuse treatment centers, mental health clinics and hospitals. Some substance abuse counselors counsel family members while others take part in urine testing. The duties differ based on the facility the counselor works in. Keep this in mind if you plan on pursuing this career after you graduate.

You can avoid feeling lost post-graduation by understanding the options you have with a bachelor’s degree in social work. Consider becoming a psychiatric social worker if you want to assist mentally ill patients on a daily basis. Visitation counselors often work with families who have been separated by the foster care system. You can become a probation officer with this degree as well. Social service manager is also an option that you should carefully consider if you want to work with the public. Finally, substance abuse counselors work with addicted individuals and assist them during their recoveries. When you graduate with your bachelor’s degree in social work, you can take on any of these jobs.

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