How To Loop A YouTube Video For Company Training

There are a few important steps to loop a YouTube video for company training materials. Use this guide if you want to loop a YouTube video you love or need but don’t know how. Watch any video on loop with YouTube and online tools after going through this article.

How To Put A YouTube Video On Loop

Have you tried watching a good YouTube video and suddenly can’t get enough of it? You want to repeat it over and over again, but ads and autoplay get in the way of enjoying the video. One thing can solve this – video looping. In fact, video looping can also help create an “always-on” content marketing strategy for your company. This article will guide you to loop a YouTube video to repeat and continuously watch or listen to the same video to your heart’s content.

Looping A Video Directly On YouTube

It’s now easy to loop videos on YouTube because the platform has integrated a loop feature into the videos. You can watch or listen to the same YouTube content continuously without pressing the “Play again” or “Reload” button. Here’s how to loop and repeat any video content on the site:

Head Over To YouTube

Go to YouTube by typing its website link on your computer search bar or through the mobile app. Make sure you’re connected to the internet. In fact, there are several advantages of internet use such as reaching a wider audience for your business. It’s recommended that you sign in to your YouTube account for a more personal experience. This way, your search and watch history will be saved, so it can be readily recommended by the site in case you want to look for the same thing again.

Search For The Content

Type in a keyword or the full title of the content you’re trying to loop. Suppose you want to loop a lyric video. Type the title of the song followed by a “lyrics” keyword. This will narrow down the searches and only show relevant results. Click on whichever search suggestions you find interesting. In this example, the search suggestion with an additional description (the artists) is selected for a more direct result. Numerous results will surely show up, so click on the one you most prefer. Following the same example, the user chooses the official video from the artist of the song.

Open The Video

Click on the specific video to loop. Wait for it to load and let it play for some seconds. Be sure to check if you’re watching and listening to the right thing. Continue listening to it if it’s the right one. If not, go back and look for the right one among the results.

Loop The Video

A looping video requires you to click on the video. Using your mouse, right-click on any part of the video screen. A list of features will appear that contains various options you can use to download or use the data of the video. On top of the list is the loop option. Click it.

Enjoy The Looped Video

There should be a checkmark on the right side of the loop option after you clicked on it. This ensures that your video will be looped continuously as long as the YouTube site is open. You can unloop the video by turning off the loop option. The checkmark will disappear, confirming that the video is unlooped.

Looping YouTube Videos With Online Tools

Listening to or watching a YouTube video that’s already on a loop is also possible. But instead of using a professional and costly video editing platform to create one, you can use tools like the Loop Video online tool from 123apps. This tool can help you loop a video that you’ve downloaded from YouTube or a video you want to upload to YouTube. Here’s how you can use the tool to loop videos:

Upload Video

Click on the blue “Open file” button and upload media files you want to repeat and put on a loop. Upon clicking, the file manager will show up on your screen. Choose the video file you intend to loop and click “Open.”

Select Number Of Repeats

Specify the number of times you want the video to be looped: once, twice, thrice, up to five times. If you have a social marketing site, this online functionality can be useful for maintaining traffic. If you want more loops, you can use the custom menu to specify how many times you want to repeat them. Once a button is chosen, it will turn green.

Preview And Save

View the looped video, check if the repetitions are correct, and save the finished video. Save it in its actual format or other formats like MP4, MOV, and MKV. There are two specific ways to loop videos on YouTube: on the platform and using online tools. These offer great ways to use small business technology. They’re both easy and straightforward, so you won’t have any problem looping your video!

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