5 Top Social Marketing Sites Tools To Build Brand Identity

Marketing teams use top social marketing sites to improve ROI. As a marketer yourself, you are aware of how much social media can be used to enhance your brand. However, you also understand the struggle of marketing in such competitive platforms. While you want to build brand identity on these sites, it is not an easy task. Fortunately, when your competition grows, your opportunities do as well. To succeed, you need to know how to take advantage of those opportunities. In this post, you will discover the top social marketing sites tools to build brand identity.

Live Video

Firstly, utilize social media platforms’ live video features. Live video provides marketers with the ability to engage with consumers in real time. Companies who use the tool persuade consumers to become customers easily and quickly. If a technology company announces that they are going to be answering questions about their new product on Facebook through Facebook Live Video, potential consumers who have time will tune in. Such consumers ask companies questions, get the answers they wanted, and then go on to purchase the products. Combine Facebook analytics with this tool to upgrade your techniques. After all, users pay more attention to live videos because they know that they will not be able to receive the same information later on. Live video increases sales, making it a top social marketing sites tool.

Target Audience Channel

Another social marketing sites tool that builds brand identity is a target audience channel. Some social media platforms allow marketing professionals like yourself to pay to reach target audiences. To benefit from this feature, determine the type of audiences who will help build your brand name. If you advertise for an athletic wear company, target athletes. Be as specific as possible to succeed. Once you have decided who your target audience will be, use social media tools to reach them. Some sites, such as Facebook, allow you to target by age, gender, and interests among other characteristics. Then, you can pay to have your ads appear on your targeted consumers’ home pages. Your ROI and brand identity will improve with this tool.


Hashtags also assist in building brand identities and boosting marketing ROI. This social marketing sites tool allows you to reach more social media users. Implement relevant hashtags that directly relate to your brand. When consumers interested in your industry browse the same hashtags you use, your posts appear. As a result, they are introduced to your business and get a sense of who you are. Therefore, visual marketing success rates rise. The tool also allows you to create your own brand-specific hashtags. Users can use your unique hashtag when posting your products online. In doing so, they introduce their followers to your brand. Hashtags build brand identity with little-to-no effort required.

Story Highlights

Story highlights are one of the best social marketing sites tools as well. Sites such as Snapchat and Instagram offer a story feature that allows brands to post photos and videos that disappear within 24 hours. While this tool is beneficial on its own, you can increase engagement by adding your stories to story highlights. In doing so, you save your stories for later viewing. Then, your busy followers can still see your stories after they disappear. This is a good space for you to intrigue users with special offers and behind the scenes footage. Consumers want to feel connected to the brands they follow and buy from. Use story highlights to show them that there are good people behind your brand name.

Link Sharing

Finally, consider link sharing as one of the top social marketing sites tools. Link sharing is particularly useful for businesses that maintain high-quality websites. This is because it improves content marketing. If you have a business profile on Instagram, you can include a link in your bio to direct customers to your site. Use Twitter to post new content on your site right when it comes out. There are various opportunities on all social media sites to transfer users to your content. Take advantage of them to increase ROI.

Marketing professionals improve advertising techniques through social marketing sites tools. Live video allows companies to increase engagement. Some platforms exchange target audience channels for payment. Use hashtags to reach more users and increase profile visits. Create story highlights to show consumers your brand’s identity yourself. Lastly, share links to draw users’ attention toward your website and, therefore, your products. These are the top social marketing sites tools to build brand identity.

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