How To Make Money Leasing Your Car With Online Auto Share Programs

Ride-share programs such as Lyft and Uber have become extremely popular over the last few years. Not only are they a hit with the riders, but also many drivers are thrilled with the amount of money they are making. However, not everyone wants to take part in this type of taxi-service phenomena. If you have a car, but you do not want to be a driver, you can make money in the automotive business by leasing your car. There are tons of services out there that help you lease your car to other drivers, and we are here to tell you how they work. Keep reading below to find out how you can make money leasing your car to others.

Step 1: Sign Up For A Service

The first step you must take to make money by leasing your car is to sign up for a service. There are a variety of car rental and leasing services available, so find one that works best for you. You may wish to check with your Farmers insurance plan to see if there are any additional costs associated with leasing your car. Then, all you have to do is choose one of these providers that operates in your area and then move on to step 2.

Step 2: Take Car Photos

Once you have chosen a service, it is time to do a photoshoot. Uploading pictures of your car may be required on some sites, and on others it is just a great way to boost your chances of earning more money. Take photos of your car from different angels and in good lighting. Make sure the pictures are good quality before you upload them. This is an important step that can really improve your chances of earning more money.

Step 3: Create A Car Profile

When you have chosen a site you will be prompted to create a car profile. This is where you will enter all of the information, including make, model and year. Additionally, this is where you will list whether it is an automatic or manual transition, and if it has any aesthetic damages that may deter potential drivers. It is important to be honest in your automotive business profile, so follow this step carefully.

Step 4: Market Your Car

Once your car is up and running on the leasing site of your choice, you may want to take the opportunity to market your car. Most sites will automatically list your car for visitors to lease out your car and earn. However, you can give it a boost by spreading the word yourself. If you tell people your car is up for rent then you will surely get more offers.

Step 5: Make Money

Last but not least, the final step is to make money. Follow the process of whatever leasing site you choose. As long as you market your car and use a reputable service to rent or lease it out, then you should be able to make money without worry. Just be sure to clear out your car if you’ve got junk in the backseat or trunk, as customers are not likely to use your service again if the car is a mess.


Turo is one website you can utilize to make money leasing your car. Turo is a website that allows you to list your car for rental by other people. This is an excellent place to go if you want to earn additional income from people borrowing your car for just a short time. Listing a car on Turo is simple. It is even simpler than signer up for an online trading account. It usually takes under ten minutes. Visit the website to start to make money from renting your car right away.

Legal Concerns

Of course, there are legal concerns that come with renting out your car. These types of personal rentals are sort of in a grey area of legislation. Since the car sharing program has started, two fatal accidents have occurred involving rented cars from the service. One of these cases even led to a pretty hairy legal battle. This is something to consider if you do want to make money leasing your car out to strangers online instead of trying to start a trucking business on your own.

You can make money leasing your car to other drivers with just five easy steps. Once you create a profile and upload photos of your car, drivers will be paying you money to take it for a spin! This is a great way to earn extra cash between jobs or multiple projects, and all you need to do is hand someone else the keys.

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