7 Part-Time Gigs To Make Extra Money While In College

Without enough money, college life can be full of challenges. Students like yourself apply to top business colleges and medical programs without realizing the financial stress college can create. You will be forced to live on a tight budget. Without a job, college students miss out on once-in-a-lifetime experiences. You need a job if you want to purchase tickets for the school concert or go out to eat with your friends to celebrate the end of the semester.

So, you might want to start by taking up freelance writing jobs to earn extra bucks, and that’s okay. In this post, you will learn how to make money while in college so that you do not miss out on fun and exciting experiences.

Writing Jobs

Today, freelance writing jobs have become main income earners for thousands of college students around the world. Whether you choose to work via marketplaces or look for editing jobs via job boards and through cold pitching, writing for money is going to put thousands of dollars into your pockets every year. Opportunities range from writing conversational pieces for company blogs to writing informational articles for a drone business. Consider the various writing jobs available to make money in college.

Tutoring Jobs

If there are not job adverts for tutors in local schools, you can still create one. All you have to do is own a website and start rendering tutoring services online. There are also web based platforms that hire tutors, which is another approach for landing such opportunities. You will be making money rendering training services in a subject at which you are the best.

Campus Tour Guide

If you are outgoing and love to meet new people, you can make the money out of it while in college. With admission boards always looking for those who can guide prospective students and their parents around campus, becoming a campus tour guide will earn you a few bucks. It is particularly lucrative before augmented reality changes the way people tour places to which they’ve never been.

Local Part-Time Jobs

With the help of recruitment agencies, students can find part-time jobs to do while in college. Examples include data entry, survey, office assistant or customer service. You can find a part-time internship and end up earning a corporate PA role at the same office post-graduation. Thus, part-time jobs in your field can be profitable both during and after college. However, make sure to work with a schedule that will not affect your classroom attendance record.

Research Assistant Jobs

As a college student looking for a side hustle, research is one of the many ways to make money while studying. If you choose this path, some of the tasks you will be doing include analyzing data, collecting information, arranging records into categories and compiling literary materials.

Transcriptionist Jobs

You can also make money typing, and if this feels like something worth doing, then speed counts because hundreds of jobs will be needing your attention. Some will start from $15 per hour, which means landing a job as a transcriptionist on websites is a surefire way of putting extra bucks into your pocket. You can use income from your research job to start paying off college student loans even before graduating.

Sell Notes And Books

Did you know you can make money selling notes online and even hawk old textbooks around campus? Well, it is one of the many ways of making while studying. Don’t let books you are not using gather dust somewhere in your cubicle. Instead, selling them will earn you huge bucks you may have not expected. Websites where students can sell notes is another way of making money in college.

In summary, any student can earn while studying. All you have to do is plan your time accordingly and find a job that will not eat into study time. Even if it’s a pizza delivery job you do every evening, or help students with editing their essays, earning money you didn’t have in the first place will change your enterprising spirit for the better, even after graduating.

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