10 Best UAV & Drone Business Ideas To Start Today

There are various drone career opportunities for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) pilots. By 2025, the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International anticipates more than 100,000+ new positions will open for unmanned aircraft and drone professionals. In fact, emerging drone market trends are creating new jobs throughout a wide span of industries including real estate, construction, insurance, rescue services and agriculture. As a UAV pilot, there are a plethora of jobs you can apply for. Read on to discover the different drone career opportunities for UAV pilots.

Search And Rescue

First, as a UAV pilot, you can find career opportunities in the search and rescue industry. This position requires you to work with law enforcement agencies, first responders and emergency facilities to simplify rescue situations. Many industries are looking for in-house drone pilots to scan search areas at a moment’s notice. Of course, most businesses want pilots who can control UAVs with advanced features. For example, you should know how to deploy thermal imaging to identify high-temp anomalies through covers, at night or during brutal storms. More so, many rescuers are requesting that UAV pilots know how to engage drone spotlight and speaker addons. As a result, you can draw out lost individuals more easily and alert them of your search. Certainly, consider a position in the search and rescue industry as a UAV pilot.

Construction Site Surveying

Secondly, you can find a job opportunity as a construction site survey done pilot. Many construction, mining and aggregate businesses are implementing advanced technology to shape the construction industry and survey large areas. Certainly, you must know how to process the surveyed data using effective industry-based software. For example, understand how to turn the aerial data into a 3D or Orthomosaic map so the construction company can determine where they can and can’t develop. Plus, correct data analysis can help mining and aggregate businesses identify locations that are efficient for finding, digging and storing materials. Definitely consider using your drone pilot abilities to become a construction site survey operator.

Transportation Inspection

Next, you can use your done flying skills to become a transportation inspection engineer. Since drones significantly cut down the time and cost of typical checks, more than 50% of the US are using drone pilots to complete inspection routines. In fact, many transportation businesses across the country are looking for drone pilots to fulfill highway inspections, complete railroad checks and track car accidents. More so, drones can capture and store more data. Therefore, you should know how to implement an automated software that can analyze your data and automatically locate what your employer is looking for. As a result, inspections are completed more efficiently and accurately without needing increased human interaction. Certainly, consider becoming a transportation inspection engineer with your drone pilot certifications.

Thermal Imaging

Of course, your drone pilot abilities can help you find a job opportunity in the thermal imaging industry. Many police and fire personnel are looking for in-house drone pilots to address dangerous situations such as break-ins, fires or hit and runs. For example, police stations want a UAV operator who can deploy thermal imaging resources to find criminals or suspects at night or in low visibility places. Meanwhile, fire fighters are utilizing drone devices to scan buildings that are on fire to locate trapped individuals or animals. Certainly, with the correct UAV certifications, you can land a job in the thermal imaging industry.


Finally, businesses throughout the journalism industry are hiring drone pilots. Many journalists are looking for drone operators to capture videos and images from locations where individuals cannot access. For example, UAV pilots can capture footage from disaster sites, water-based accidents and crowded events. Plus, drones provide a more advanced and versatile view of the situation being reported on. More so, drone pilots can help journalists avoid time-consuming travel during time-crunching deadlines. As a result, journalists can produce a high-quality, timely report with an enhanced look into the story before competitors get the chance. Certainly, as a UAV pilot, you can find a job opportunity in the journalism industry.

There are several drone business opportunities for UAV pilots. First, consider a UAV pilot opportunity in the search and rescue industry to locate missing individuals, alert them of your position and simplify dangerous situations. Secondly, you can become a construction site survey drone pilot where you will survey a large area of land to create 3D and Orthomosaic maps for construction-based operations. Next, consider becoming a transportation inspection engineer where you can use your drone abilities to inspect highways, track accidents and efficiently complete inspection routines. Of course, find a drone-based job in thermal imaging to help find suspects, trapped individuals or criminals on the run. Finally, consider a UAV opportunity in the journalism industry to capture hard-to-reach stories, provide speedy information and develop high-quality footage. These are some of the top drone career opportunities for U

Drones are one of the hottest new technology gadgets on the market. They also have a ton of potential business applications, which has been extensively reported on. There are many drone business ideas for entrepreneurs that are so inclined to start a franchise. Of course, you need to be able to successfully manage a business in order to make these ideas profitable. But if you do, starting a drone business could be the best decision you ever make. If you are an entrepreneur with a drone flying hobby, find out how to marry those two loves of your life by actualizing one of the drone business opportunities detailed below.

Drone Photography

Drone photography businesses are in high-demand. These drone photography services can be used by all different parties, including consumers and business clients alike. Drone photographs are particularly popular on social media platforms, like Instagram. Of course, you should probably also have some knowledge of photography basics and photo editing fundamentals. A crummy drone photograph is still a crummy photograph. But as long as you have those skills and the ability to fly drones, you should be able to do quite well capitalizing off this drone business model. It is one of the most in-demand businesses for you to take advantage of.

Drone Surveying

Drone mapping and surveying businesses afford entrepreneurs one of the most lucrative opportunities. These services are in high-demand in the construction business. But, all businesses, non-profits and public institutions can require drone mapping services for a number of different reasons. The amount of organizations that require need drone surveillance services are an excellent indicator of potential success for these types of drone business models. With a drone mapping business, you provide digital elevations and property boundaries for potential construction sites or building locations and renovations. These are useful, highly skilled services that demand top dollar. Ultimately, that is what makes drone surveillance businesses one of the best drone business ideas to look into.

Drone Repairs

Drone repairs businesses are always needed to service private and commercial drones. As the amount of drone pilots and drone owners increases, so too does demand for parts and repairs. So far, there are few entrepreneurs that have capitalized on these opportunities. If you know how drones work and how to fix a drone, you can open a drone repair shop just as easily as you would hire someone to do your sprinkler repair. All you will need to do before opening the business is find a drone parts supplier. As long as you can do that, you can open a drone parts and repairs shop. This drone business opportunity is one of the best, because so few entrepreneurs have taken advantage of it yet.

Drone Inspections

Drones can also be used to provide commercial inspection services. Commercial inspections businesses are responsible for inspecting all different types of structures, like bridges, cell phone and TV towers. They can also be used to inspect power lines, pipelines and even wind turbines or solar panels. Businesses require these inspections to maintain regulatory compliance for their companies. Public offices also require these inspections services from third-party drone inspections businesses. Drones offer a much more affordable solution than the alternative. That is what makes drone inspection businesses such a lucrative endeavor, and one of the best business ideas for you to consider.

Drone Advertising

Drone advertising businesses can also help market other businesses to turn a profit. This is one of the top drone business opportunities, because the market is not yet saturated. Entrepreneurs can easily promote their business to other local small business owners to generate leads. Then, all that is left to do is fly the advertising materials in places where it will be visible and noticeable to consumers. This is one of the low-cost business ideas you can enact using your drone and some basic advertising skills. As long as business owners prioritize regulatory compliance, an aviation advertising business using drone technology is one of the best drone flying business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs with a passion for drone flying can easily capitalize on their hobby to start earning profits with a drone business. Of course, some drone business ideas are better than other. Detailed above are the most promising drone business opportunities for modern entrepreneurs to consider. These top drone opportunities are considered as such because they provide the promising profit potential for entrepreneurs like you. Research all these potential drone business models. Then, you can decide which one is the best fit to help you meet your business goals. Good luck!

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