5 Best Ways To Make Money With Your Body

When times are hard, you need to be able to make money. Entrepreneurs know better than anyone how to do that. But in order to start your own business, you need to have the money it requires to open a business. After all, it costs money to take classes at The Leadership Institute to prepare for life as a business owner. Find out how to make money with your body legally to help fund your business startup plans.

Sell Hair

Men and women entrepreneurs alike can sell their hair to make money. You will need to meet a minimum required hair donation length to sell hair, however. A minimum length of fourteen inches is required to even consider selling your hair. But if you do meet the minimum hair length to sell it, you can earn up to $1,500 in cash! That is quite a nice bit of money to put away into your savings for business startup costs.

Perform Manual Labor

Quite simply, you can make money with your body by doing manual labor. There are plenty of great businesses that provide manual labor services. For example, you can open a moving business or work in entry level construction roles. If you want to keep the skill set as simple as possible, there are many ways to make money by using your strong body and energy.

Sell Plasma

Selling plasma is another option if you need to make money for future business ventures. Once you decide on the best business to start, blood plasma can earn you roughly $50 per donation. Entrepreneurs can sell plasma safely once each month, no more. The whole plasma extraction process will also cost you about two hours of your time. Twenty five dollars an hour is not a bad deal for a side gig to save money for your business startup costs.

Perform As An Extra

Get a job as an extra for a film or TV show. This is another great way to earn money with your body in an ethical and legal way. Performing as an extra will not earn you a whole lot of money or fame. But, it will be a fun and easy way to earn money to save up and start your own business. If you already work really hard and save for startup business costs, you can reward yourself with a fun job with okay pay to still contribute to your business startup fund.

Sign Up For Clinical Trials

Clinical trials pay client for their participation. This is another great way to earn money for your business startup budget. Clinical trial payments will vary greatly. But, you can opt in and out of trials as you wish. That makes it one of the more flexible ways to earn money with your body on the side to fund your business ideas and make them reality without having to worry about zero sum budgeting.

Earning money with your body legally is not difficult, you just have to know what your options are. Thankfully, there are a ton of easy ways to make money from your body. The best ways to make money with your body are listed above. Use these side jobs to make money that will fund future business endeavors so that you do not need to take out business loans to make your entrepreneur dreams a reality.

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