4 Trends That Make The Ideal Workspace For Employees

The modern workplace is evolving. Gone are the days of long hours and inhumane conditions, and rightly so – in the past, workers have been treated incredibly poorly, but in recent years rules and regulations have now been implemented to protect staff whilst they work. With these regulations now tighter than ever, there’s never been a better time to take a look at where your company premises could be improved to offer a better environment to the staff working within it. From shared office spaces to companies “Google-fying” their spaces, there are many opportunities to create the ideal workspace for your staff. We’ve listed a few of the top areas for improvement for the modern workplace, so you can find out how to revamp your workspaces to give your staff the surroundings that they need.

Suitable Entryways

One of the most overlooked features of any business’ premises is the entryways and doorways – these are one of the most heavily used features of the workplace, acting as a constant entry and exit route as people maneuver around the building. Due to this increased use, doors are likely to be one of the first features to suffer from wear and tear, so they’ll likely be one of the first things that need maintenance, repairs, and replacements.

Industrial doors are designed to be able to offer businesses everything they need from their entryways whilst providing enhanced health and safety features to the staff around them – this can be things including assisted opening and closing mechanisms, guide rails and lips, and secure locking functionality.

Doors can also be used in scenarios where heat retention is an issue, with features such as high-speed industrial doors having a faster opening and closing action which helps you to keep temperatures where they need to be to ensure that climate-sensitive goods don’t spoil whilst employees remain safe and comfortable.

Green Spaces

The modern workplace, particularly those which are office spaces, are constantly moving towards creating an environment that is focused on giving staff a more pleasant and welcoming space in which to work. One thing that is used to great effect is the introduction of greenery and natural light, each of which boosts motivation and help staff to feel calmer and more focused throughout the day. Dull, drab spaces are proven to make the workforce less productive, so it works to the advantage of everyone involved to have a brighter, happier setting to work in. There are many green building construction guidelines that promote sustainable practices while creating an ideal workspace.

On-Site Catering

Another amenity that is incredibly beneficial to staff is on-site catering, which gives staff the opportunity to eat a nutritional meal throughout the day without having to put their food in the microwave to heat it. On-site catering is ideal for larger companies with a vast workforce – it may not be feasible financially for a smaller company to have this, unless leasing in a shared building. With the choice of a nutritional meal throughout the day, staff are left feeling energized and ready to take on the day, which boosts productivity whilst also encouraging more creativity during the working day.

Encourage Movement

The positioning of your work area can encourage movement throughout the office. When staff are moving for conversations and collaboration, productivity dramatically increases. Your staff should feel comfortable to get up rather than sending a chat. The human, personal interaction is what engages employees to stay in the organization. More so, staff members will experience an increase in blood-flow and circulation. This keeps the entire workplace productive and healthy during the day. Moreover, your bottom line will see the impacts of better communication, alert employees and an overall ideal working space.

Whether you’re redeveloping a warehouse filled with stock where temperatures need to be kept at specific levels or looking to breathe new life into an office that currently feels a little downbeat, there are plenty of ways that the workspace can be improved. By improving the work environment, you’re choosing to respect your staff and give them the surroundings that they deserve. This doesn’t go unnoticed and will leave your workforce feeling valued, motivated, and more loyal to your company as a result. Ensuring that you continue to progress your workspaces allows you to keep at the forefront of your industry too, helping you to maintain a step ahead of the competition with the latest tech, most effective processes, and a highly motivated team.

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