How Shared Office Space Rentals Offer Entrepreneurs Improved Focus

If you own a startup, one of the biggest costs for business is going to be renting an office space. This is especially true if you want a technology-enabled, modern office. However, there are certainly ways to lower your rental costs each month, like renting a shared office space. Shared office spaces offer a modern solution to this issue and provide low-cost office rentals that do not skimp on quality or technology capabilities. To learn more about a possible shared office space for your startup and the advantages it may have, keep reading below.

Better Time Management

If you have been working on your own for awhile, (or have just used Jenny Craig in your personal life) you know how difficult it can be to self-manage. This is especially true when you are working from home or out of a crowded cafe that is full of distractions. If you choose to lease a shared office space, you will immediately notice an improvement to your time management skills, and probably your organizational skills as well. Being in a professional office environment is really beneficial for motivation levels and focus. This is a benefit that cannot be understated.

Less Responsibility

Another reason that many entrepreneurs, business-owners and freelancers choose to rent a coworking space is because it involves far less responsibility. Renting an office space on your own requires you to plan and pay for furniture, technology, lighting, accessories and everything else that comes along. However, with a coworking office, you can just sit back and enjoy the amenities, the quiet and the added motivation provided by an office. Which brings us to our next point.

Supplies And Amenities

The supplies and amenities that you will find at shared offices spaces are much better than what you have at home. If you work out of a Starbucks or other cafe, then you likely do not have any amenities at all. So, obviously, a shared working space is the much better option. Without having to pay for them (directly anyway), you can gain access to the latest technology and office supplies. This is a huge advantage for those who work from home or work out of any public space with wifi. It is a shame that this option is not also available for company cars too.


If you are a startup owner, there are sure to be a lot of changes in your future. Some of these changes may potentially require you to move to a new location or similar. That is why the flexibility afforded by renting a coworking space is invaluable. Shared office space rentals are usually charged on a month to month basis. When your business changes month to month, the flexibility of a monthly office rental is a huge advantage.

Low Costs

Finally, the most obvious advantage of leasing a shared office space is the cost savings for business. Overhead costs can get expensive when you decide to buy your own office space, which can lead you to rely too heavily on angel investing. That is not the case with pre-furnished office spaces designed for coworking. Less overhead means more money to put back into growing your startup, which is never a bad thing.

Owners of startups can greatly benefit from renting shared office spaces. You can experience a boom to your productivity and focus, without the responsibility or costs associated with renting an office space. Check out a few coworking office spaces by you to see if you like the idea, but remember to keep these huge advantages for business in mind.

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