How Do You Market Your Firm During Pandemic?

In a business, when the sales plummet, the revenues dry up, and the natural response is panic. Many factors lead to such a situation, such as market influence, business natural disasters, and the current COVID crisis. The pandemic has prevented business people from thinking clearly and end up making a short-sighted decision hindering long term business success after the pandemic.

Fortunately, some marketing strategies worked for Sutliff & Stout, and you can implement these tips in your firm to prepare for the future. Here are some marketing strategies to implement:

Communicate With Clients

During the pandemic, you might feel that there is nothing you can say because you are not a medical professional or a health expert. There are several proven benefits of unified communications in business. However, the pandemic has ramifications going beyond the health of people in a specific region. For example, COVID-19 has caused the shutdown of many countries’ economies, leading to market crashes.

The best way is to run your firm is to keep the lines of communication open with your clients. It helps to hear them out and show empathy during this difficult time. Remaining in contact helps reassure them that the pandemic will not affect your law firms operations, and their case is intact.

Review Automated Marketing Activities

Before the pandemic, automating marketing activities was a great strategy to remain efficient while keeping the driving force behind business revenue. If you keep the automation active and do not update them, you are only interested in profits over people. For example, your scheduled email campaign will not address current events, and you may come off disheartening during a sensitive time. A business has to find a balance between promotion and empathy during this time.

Make sure during the pandemic or any crisis, it is important to review automated marketing activities such as virtual marketing campaigns, social media posts, newsletters, and other business aspects.

Double Down On Marketing Efforts

During the pandemic, many businesses have severely suffered, but not all that have negatively been affected. On the other hand, some companies have experienced more significant returns and growth.

To help your business stand out, double down on the activities that work for your firm. For example, media outlets are looking to interview experts on how COVID-19 is impacting various industries. This is a good way to reach out to local outlets on how it impacts your niche or affects your clients. Perhaps, switching the objective to marketing brand awareness and not selling. There are many options and distractions when it comes to marketing tactics but focus on the marketing efforts that work for your law firm.

Create More Content

Many firms will reduce their content drastically as the pandemic interrupted their content calendar. Your law firm does not have to stop creating content; it is best to create more content. An excellent way to create content is by addressing frequently asked questions in blog format. This may be one blog post or several posts. FAQs are beneficial because they allow you to address your current clients and readers who may become clients. Great content gives you an advantage compared to your competitors.

Many firms have reduced or completely stopped with their marketing efforts during the pandemic. It is the right time for you to focus on your marketing efforts and use the above tips to succeed.

Improve The Customer Experience

To successfully market your business during the Coronavirus, you need to consistently look for ways to improve the customer experience. It is essential to understand the customer experience to effectively grow your business. Due to the pandemic, normal business operations, conditions, and services have been largely disrupted. In order to fuel growth for your business, you may need to redefine your customer experience entirely. To support restrictions many businesses have launched digital offerings, curbside services, or contactless delivery. Consider the services your businesses provides and how you could adopt them, while delivering the same strong customer experience.

Reassure Your Customers

In order to thrive during the pandemic, you need to consistently communicate with your customers. The pandemic has caused a chaotic period of uncertainty. To remain successful, you need to reassure your customers that your business is not going anywhere, and that you appreciate their continuous support. Many businesses have kept their customers informed by sending out regular email newsletters and updates. At the same time, you should post regularly on social media channels. In addition, be sure to consistently add information on customer accounts, such as dashboards.

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