How To Setup Marketing Dashboard To Visualize Campaign Performance

Small businesses need marketing strategies as much as their big competition do. In fact, they probably need marketing and advertising much more. But if you are a small business owner who does not have a marketing degree, managing business marketing strategies can be next to impossible. That is, unless you have the right marketing dashboard setup and learn about customer segmentation. Find out the best marketing dashboards to include in your own marketing software setup. It is sure to help you manage marketing performance much more easily.

Conversion Funnel

Include a conversion funnel metric on your marketing overview dashboard. This is a particularly useful marketing dashboard to include because it gives you an idea of where your marketing performance is lacking for your healthcare business. At what stage of the conversion process are you losing potential customers? With a conversion funnel dashboard, you can easily answer this question to improve future targeted marketing strategies.

Social Media

Social media marketing dashboards provide crucial insight into today’s digital-obsessed consumer audience. Upon first glance you can learn all about your social media marketing performance. This is particularly helpful for small business owners who are just establishing an online business presence. You can gain the feedback you need to improve future social media marketing strategies quickly. Include a social media dashboard to get the most out of your marketing software.


You also want to be sure to have an overview section of your marketing dashboard. The overview should give you a visual representation of the overall performance for your business marketing tactics. It may also include visual data representations of progress on current marketing campaigns being used by your business. These marketing overview dashboards will provide an easy-to-understand visual to help you make quick marketing decisions based on accurate, up-to-date data.

Total Spend

Total marketing spending dashboards are a must-include for all marketing software tools. You need to set a business marketing budget and stick to it. The only way to do that is to include this tool on your marketing dashboard. If you know how much you have left in your marketing budget, you can determine the amount you have left to develop future ad campaigns or other marketing tactics. That will make it much easier to manage a marketing budget on your own.

Traffic Sources

Traffic sources dashboards should be another marketing tool you include on your interface. You need to know where your customers are coming from. That way, you can use that data to determine where your marketing strategies were most effective. It can also prove to identify the best marketing channels to promote your business through in the future. This is sure to help you achieve current and future marketing goals sooner than would otherwise be possible. Be sure to include a traffic sources section on your marketing dashboard software.

Small business owners are not always marketing graduates. They require a bit more guidance in how to manage marketing operations for a business. Thankfully, marketing software makes it much easier to manage holiday marketing campaigns and more if you have the right dashboards installed. Consider the best marketing dashboards featured above. These marketing dashboard metrics will provide valuable real-time updates about your marketing campaign performance using easy-to-understand graphics and visuals. It will make marketing management operations much simpler for you too.

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