5 Top Marketing Strategies For B2B Companies

Whether your go-to is finding prospects on LinkedIn or attending the largest trade show in the top business travel locations, as a B2B company, you may have a hard time connecting with better opportunities. If this is true, consider the following strategies. Some of them are tried and true while others offer a way to handle a higher volume of customer interactions with less cost and time invested.

Trade Show Exhibitions

In a world where everything is becoming increasingly digital, events still leave a significant impact on potential customers. With one-third of the largest trade shows showing a year-over-year increase in the number of exhibitors, something has to be working. Many trade shows take place in the top business locations.

An alternative to attending an Atlanta trade show is to host smaller, hyper-targeted events. These are usually set up through social media with specific invites sent to a small group. The cost of the entire event may even be less than the average price to attend a trade show for a single day, and it’s all focused on you and your enterprise.

AI, ChatBots, And Personalization

Having the absolute best service possible, especially if you’re in an industry where that’s still rare, may allow your business to retain more customers as well as drastically improve positive word-of-mouth and referrals.

To start this strategy, you need to figure out where you can best use AI for personalization in your other marketing efforts. Consider your content distribution options to maximize you results. The entire strategy is about efficiency and making your current offers more attractive to anyone that’s going to see them.

For example, chatbots can be used to further your more “conversational selling” efforts. Instead of looking all over your website for the information they want, a potential customer can just ask a bot, no waiting. Then, if they’re going to go further, they can ask you or your salespeople to call them (or contact them from whatever channels you offer). In this way, you can make it seem like your outsource sales team is more significant than it is and handle more requests for information in less time.

Focus On Your Target Audience

Inbound Marketing, drawing customers to your brand, is something any business wants to work. The best way to do that may be to create something, a report, a video series, or a podcast that can regularly be published and expanded. If you start a podcast, make it relate to your product. You can also work to make it relate to your industry or something similar that your target market wants to know or stay up-to-date on.

If it’s good enough, customers will keep coming back. Then they’ll ideally want to do business with you or refer your company to someone that does.

CRM Systems

Another top marketing strategy for B2B companies is to use Customer Relation Management (CRM) systems. Successful B2B companies use CRM systems to increase their marketing ROI. With a quality system, you can track client information. Then, you can use that information to generate effective advertisements. More so, you can implement your organize data into your marketing campaigns. Those who use CRM systems enhance their B2B marketing strategies.

Basic SEO Tools

Any business needs to be aware of what SEO is and how to implement it in 2019. Begin by focusing on improving your local SEO to increase your brand’s visibility on a smaller basis. 71% of B2B researchers, many of the potential decision makers, start their customer journey with a generic search. They’re looking for X product, not X brand. For your business to capture their attention, you need to rank well.

Many factors go into ranking well. At a minimum, your site needs to be secured, have a low bounce rate, have high-quality content that connects with what you want to rank for, be mobile adaptive, and load quickly.

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