How Masterminds Groups Offer Opportunities To Advance Your Career


If you came here looking to find out more about the Masterminds movie being released in 2016, you have come to the wrong place. However, you may want to keep reading anyway. The Masterminds are actually a group organized by The Success Alliance. These Mastermind groups provide a place for brainstorming, education, support and peer accountability in a group setting that are more intimate than small business conferences. The masterminds behind these groups offer a plethora of tools for the average person to improve their life and their career. To find out more about The Success Alliance’s Masterminds groups keep reading.

The Success Alliance

The Success Alliance is a company founded by Karyn Greenstreet with the sole purpose of enabling others to conduct Masterminds groups across the country. Greenstreet does this by providing Masterminds facilitator training courses and resources as part of the Synergy program on the Success Alliance website. This is similar to training provided by Stephen Covey. If you would like to learn how to form a Mastermind group and facilitate these types of gatherings, Karyn Greenstreet at The Success Alliance can help you do just that.

Master-Mind Alliance

The Masterminds groups organized by The Success Alliance are based off a concept first introduced by Napoleon Hill in the 1920s called the “master mind alliance.” This concept emphasizes the importance of harmonious collaboration towards a shared purpose. If you need help with best practices for hiring, for example, working with a team to develop a solution will help you reach a better solution quicker. Hill believed that when two minds came together, a third force was created that could be called a third mind – the master mind. Thus, these Mastermind groups get together to make the third mind a reality, giving way to new ideas and techniques for improvement.

Mega Masterminds Groups

Mega Masterminds groups are huge gatherings of individuals coming together to collaborate and brainstorm to solve problems, devise solutions and develop new ideas with the added bonus of group accountability. These individuals include representatives from all different fields from business owners to talent managers. During the mega sessions, individuals are called to a hot seat to discuss challenges they may currently be facing. Then, the group brainstorms together to devise a solution and relate their own similar experiences. These mega Mastermind events are a wonderful place to solve problems in a collaborative environment, offering the best possible solutions.

What You Can Gain

What can an ordinary individual gain from attending a Masterminds gathering? No matter who you are or what job title you posses, there are certainly some difficulties you encounter in life and work. These collaboration groups allow you the ability to hear many suggestions for solutions and improvements at one time. These suggestions can help you create the best possible course of action to deal with any issues you may be experiencing, like how to protect yourself when doing aggressive investing activities, for example. Sometimes it is also nice to attend a group just to surround yourself with like-minded people who are passionate about improving their lives. If you have any problems you need help solving, a Mastermind gathering can help you do just that.

Not To Be Confused

Masterminds groups are not the only Masterminds that can improve your business. Masterminds Agency is an advertising agency that can definitely help in that area as well. The Masterminds ad agency is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, they are known best for their rebranding of MS Gulf Coast Tourism. Their work with Mississippi tourism was incredible. If you want to consider another Masterminds group that will help improve business, visit the Masterminds Agency website.

Masterminds is a title given to many things including movies, comic books and more. However, if you are interested in developing solutions to problems in a collaborative environment, there is only one Mastermind that matters. Hint, it is not the best knowledge base software. The Masterminds group events put on by The Success Alliance provide a place for like-minded individuals to work together to fix problems, develop new ideas and form personal and professionals relationships that will last a lifetime. If this sounds like a Masterminds that you can get behind, visit The Success Alliance to find a group near you.

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