How To Become A Talent Manager For Entertainment Industry Success


A talent manager is an individual, often part of an agency, who guides the career of artists in the entertainment industry. However, this position is not just about hanging out with celebrities. Talent managers are often tasked with recruiting, training and promoting new artists and actors in order to help them succeed. If you are interested in becoming a talent manager, you will need drive, passion and an eye for potential. As long as you have those personal qualities, you will become a talent manager in no time. However, you still probably want to know what to go to college for to realize your entertainment industry dreams. Keep reading below to learn how to become a talent manager in 5 fail proof steps.

Step 1: Get Involved In The Arts

The first step to becoming a talent manager is not to form an LLC online, it is simply to get involved in the arts. This will help you find where your passion lies. In addition, it is certainly useful to have experience in your chosen field. If you want to work with actors, take to the stage in a school or community production. Deciding what entertainment field you want to work in will be helpful on your journey to becoming a talent manager.

Step 2: Get An Education

The next step to becoming a talent manager is education. There are a variety of degrees that you can pursue for your career. Communications degrees in Public Relations or media can be an excellent option. However, you may also want to consider law or fine arts as a viable course of action. If you are looking for what to do with an accounting degree however, this may not be the career for you. A law degree will help you on the business side of talent management, while a fine arts degree will help you better understand your future clients.

Step 3: Intern With An Expert

Once you begin your education, you should consider finding an internship with a local talent manager. Working with an expert will provide invaluable experience regarding the day-to-day activities of your dream job. Putting yourself out there and networking with potential agencies or clients is a great way to kickstart your career.

Step 4: Take On Opportunities

Once you have completed your education, you will be more available for opportunities in your field. If you have found a talent agency to work at, look into taking on more opportunities within your position. Any time someone asks you how to become an actor, help them out! With a little hard work, you could end up taking on your first client all on your own.

Step 5: Recruit Your Own Talent

Whether you decide to start your own talent management agency, or stick with an established one, it is never a bad idea to go looking for new talent. Forget purchasing business cars with your logo, reinvest that money in new talent. You can help recruit by attending local performances or reaching out to community arts programs. If you find someone who has potential for greatness, you can bring them on as your own client and begin managing their career.

Job Responsibilities

You should certainly familiarize yourself with talent manager responsibilities before you pursue this career. Most young people imagine talent managers to have a rockstar lifestyle with lots of fun and little work. However, this is simply not true. Talent managers decide an artists’ future direction. This requires a lot of day to day decisions to be made with the foresight to understand how these decisions will impact future plans. These decisions also include weighing in on personal and business decisions for many talent managers, which can be tricky to navigate. Remember the realities of a talent manager job description before you pursue your dream career and find out it is actually a nightmare.

Becoming a talent manager is a great option for lovers of the entertainment industry. If you do, you will certainly have more fun on the job than any mortgage brokers. If you have a passion for music, art or acting, this may be a viable career option for you. Consider getting your education and earning experience in the field, so that you can start your path to becoming a successful talent manager.

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