5 Best Master’s In Human Services Career Paths

Professionals who graduated with their Master’s in human services receive larger pay checks and meet requirements for more advanced positions. With that being said, human services graduate students like yourself are setting themselves up for future success. You can work in the government sector, the non-profit sector or the public sector after you graduate. If you want to gain a clearer understanding of what you can do with your degree, read on to find the best Master’s in human services careers.

College Professor

Students going for their Master’s in human resources can graduate college without actually leaving the college environment. You can become a college professor with an advanced degree. Then, you can teach students who are where you once were. You can use your learning skills to effectively teach students about human services. At the same time, you can work to decrease the amount of school dropouts at your university. While you teach as a professor, you might even come to a realization that you want to do something else with your degree. After all, you will likely cover a decent amount of jobs available to graduates. Consider becoming a college professor if you want to teach others the information you gained as a student.

Social Worker

Another Master’s in human services career to consider is social worker. While you do not need an advanced degree to qualify for social worker position, your Master’s degree can increase your salary. If you want to help families deal with hardships, this might be the career for you. Social workers provide services to families dealing with domestic abuse, adversity and other types of hardships. With this being said, social workers need to exercise a lot of the knowledge they obtained in school when conducting social work. Keep this Master’s in human services career option in mind.

School And Career Counselor

Moreover, graduate students with their Master’s in human services can become school and career counselors. Students who go on to pursue this career path spend their work days with kids in school. They work with them to identify both their strengths and weaknesses. Then, they advise them on how to use their strong and weak points in their benefit. School and career counselors also supply students with information on jobs that they might want to apply for in the future. When students express enough interest, these counselors work with them to prepare for their interviews. For instance, you might assist a student in learning how to become an actor. Students graduating with their Master’s in human services degrees can help younger students choose their ideal career paths.

Rehabilitation Counselor

Graduates with their Master’s in human services also qualify for rehabilitation counselor jobs. Rehabilitation counselors typically work with veterans, the elderly and the disabled. As the job title suggests, these counselors try to rehabilitate their patients. They spend their time teaching clients how to live on their own. They achieve their goals when patients develop new skills that enable them to live alone in the present and plan for their futures. If you become a rehabilitation counselor, you will also find resources for your clients ranging from medical to governmental. You might work to find businesses that want to hire veterans. Then, you can assist veterans in finding jobs after their treatment. Graduates with their Master’s in human services qualify for this position.

Family Therapist

Lastly, you can become a family therapist after you graduate with your Master’s in human services. If you do, you will work with families in treatment programs. You can, then, use your knowledge from school to diagnose them and provide proper treatment. Family therapists also work with foster children to try to find them the best homes possible. They conduct assessments to determine whether or not a foster home is appropriate for the foster child being discussed. Students looking to help multiple families dealing with various problems should consider using their Master’s in human services to become family therapists.

Students who want to qualify for higher level jobs and increase their potential income go for their Master’s in human services. These students can become college professors and teach students about human services. With a Master’s degree, you can also become a social worker. School and career counselors advise students looking to plan their futures. Rehabilitation counselors work with veterans, the disabled and the elderly. Finally, family therapists diagnose and treat families on a daily basis. You can follow any of these career paths with your Master’s in human services.

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