5 Menu Print Design Ideas To Upgrade Your Restaurant’s Look

The most popular restaurants utilize the top menu print design ideas. Restaurant owners like yourself use such ideas to give their menus the boost they need to attract more customers. Whether you want to mimic the latest McDonald’s menu or your favorite high-end restaurant’s menu, you can still use these pointers. Consumers today review menus online prior to even entering a restaurant. If they like what they see, they are more likely to visit. When they arrive, they expect high quality physical menus as well. Give customers what they want by reading this post about the best menu print design ideas to upgrade your restaurant’s look.

Highlighting Effects

Restaurant owners use highlighting effects to upgrade their restaurant’s look. This menu print design idea draws readers to specific parts on the menu. You can highlight special meals, sides and drinks. Do so on both your physical and digital menus. Many restaurant owners also highlight headers to make navigation easier for customers. Choose your highlight colors based on the decor in your restaurant. In doing so, you will promote a specific brand image. Use highlighting effects to improve your overall restaurant appearance.

Place Mat Menus

Another menu print design idea to consider implementing is place mat menus. Restaurant owners use this creative menu print style to liven up their place settings and eliminate table clutter. After all, you likely have place mats on your tables anyway. When customers take photographs of their food to post on social media, your restaurant menus will be in the background. Hence, they offer a great marketing strategy as well. Place your logo and restaurant name on the menu so that customers’ social media followers see where the photo was taken. If you create well-designed place mat menus, you will upgrade your restaurant’s look and gain a marketing channel.

Coil Bound Menus

Additionally, restaurant owners of all kinds favor the menu print design idea of creating coil bound menus. These menus allow customers to easily flip through their dining options. Restaurants with large menus should especially consider this print design option. If you do not have a large menu, you can still utilize this attractive idea. Instead of coil bounding your main menu, coil bound your drink or dessert menu. You can leave them on the table for customers to flip through as they please. With a unique cover that portrays your restaurant brand, this menu print design idea can liven up your table settings.

Durable Material

Take durable materials into consideration when determining which menu print design ideas to use as well. Regardless of the type of restaurant you operate, there is always a chance of menus getting tarnished. Kids ruin restaurant menus on a daily basis. Between spilling their drinks and throwing them across the room, they do quite a bit of damage. Many adults also accidentally tarnish menus. At the same time, they do not want to sit down at a restaurant and get handed a bent, dirty menu. To avoid spending extra money to replace damaged menus, print them on durable material. Find a menu print design service who offers materials that are waterproof and sturdy. Then, you can improve your restaurant’s look.

Attention-Grabbing Boxes

Finally, one of the best menu print design ideas is to use attention-grabbing boxes. Similar to highlighting effects, boxes bring customers’ eyes to specific items on menus. If you want customers to look at the daily specials you are currently offering before browsing the rest of the menu, put a box around the specials. When restaurants cook more expensive dishes and want customers to purchase them, they place boxes around the meals. Then, diners see the items and are more likely to select them. Speak with your advertising manager to get a better idea of how to use boxes in your menus. Increase your profits and upgrade your appearance by using attention-grabbing boxes in your menus.

In order to beat out your competition, you need to improve your menu with the best menu print design ideas. Consider using highlighting effects that match your restaurant’s decor colors. Use place mat menus to better your table settings and achieve free social media advertising. Restaurants with large amounts of options benefit from using coil bound menus. Every restaurant owner should consider printing their menus on durable material to save money down the road. Lastly, place attention-grabbing boxes around your most famous and/or profitable items. Implement these menu print design ideas to upgrade your restaurant’s appearance.

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