How Digital Menus Get Customers On Board And Ordering More

Digital menus are taking over the restaurant industry. Food and beverage businesses are jumping on the trend. It is more cost efficient and better for the environment too. There are few downsides beside the additional franchise costs needed to install them. Still, you may be nervous about rolling out new digital menu boards if you do not have the first clue how to design digital menus or set them up. Follow the tips below to design a digital menu board that makes customers’ mouths water. This way, your customers benefit just as much as your business does from these new restaurant menu designs.

Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words

When designing a digital menu for the first time, be sure to include lots of images. Be sure these images are realistic. You do not want them to be overly edited or fake-looking. This could set your chefs up for failure. Customer satisfaction is damaged by the unrealistic expectations you set with unrealistic food pictures. Take high-quality photographs of your best menu selections. This will encourage customers to buy those mouth-watering meals, one of the best ways to increase sales. This menu design strategy is especially crucial when designing digital menus for display in your restaurant.

Readability Is Key

Be sure to consider the font size of your menu because menu readability is crucial. Your customers need to be able to read your digital menu design if they are going to order food. Typically, they will be viewing your digital menu boards from a distance of 7-10 feet. Because of this, a font size of 20 should be the absolute minimum you consider. This is the smallest font size that can be comfortable read from a seven foot distance. If you want to design a digital menu board that makes customers commit to placing an order, readability should be a fundamental consideration.

Menu Videos Help

Putting videos on your menu will help your restaurant business profits. This may be a surprise. But, research shows that videos illicit more physiological responses from consumers than regular, immobile images do. You may want to consider having an extra digital menu display board solely for moving images of your top menu items and food products. This will help increase the effects of your digital menu design. That is why it is a good strategy to consider when developing your first digital menu board.

Keep All Customers In Mind

Keep all of your customers in mind when designing a menu for your digital displays. This includes those restaurant patrons who suffer from color-blindness or impaired vision. Many restaurant-goers are color blind. One in twelve men are, to be exact. Red, green and blue colors are often the colors that these customers will have trouble viewing. If possible, you may to incorporate this knowledge into your restaurant menu designs. This will help you ensure that all customers are being properly served at your establishment. It also helps your visually-impaired restaurant patrons have an attitude of gratitude towards your business. This will do wonders for your business, which is why you may want to keep this in mind for your digital menus design.

Do Not Forget About Timing

If you are going to animate digital menu displays, be sure to consider the timing required for customers to actually read your menu items. Customers need to be able to read through the menu once before it changes, at the very least. Time your menu board displays with this in mind. Thirty seconds or more for each menu board should be the minimum. This way, potential customers do not walk away frustrated because they could not read the menu long enough to decide what they want to eat. Keep this in mind when designing an animated digital menu board for your restaurant.

Restaurant owners are clamoring to hop on board the new digital menus display bandwagon. But, if it is your first time designing a digital menu, you need to make sure you do it right. Keep these menu design tips detailed above in mind when creating a restaurant menu. These digital menu design strategies will ensure that your customers can read your restaurant offerings easily. Then, they will definitely be craving those food items scrolling past them with bright, realistic images and big, readable font.

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