What Is A Mixed Denomination Bill Counter?

Money counters are available in a variety of forms. From the basic bill currency counterbanker  to high-performance money counter sorters equipped with the latest technologies and sophisticated features, these machines can solve most of your money-counting problems. Mixed denomination bill counters detect and sort bills of mixed denominations, unlike a basic counter that cannot identify denominations and values.

Pros And Cons Of Using A Mixed Denomination Bill Money Counter

It makes sense to know the pros and cons of a mixed denomination currency counter before buying one. Here’s what you must keep in mind when making a decision:


  • The counter can calculate the total sum of a stack of bills of mixed value. The machine can find and add the value of each individual bill to the total value.
  • It can sort a pile of mixed and unsorted notes of a particular currency.
  • It can even orient the notes by rejecting notes that are not aligned with the rest of the pile.
  • Most mixed money counter machines have counterfeit bill detection features. They use technologies like ultraviolet, infra-red, or magnetic technology to spot fake bills. The fakes can be identified and separated from the rest of the pile. Even if you are mainly dealing with bills that are thought to be the most counterfeit-proof currencies, these sorters can help you reduce your potential risk.
  • The counter sorter has amazingly fast counting speeds.
  • It gives precisely accurate results.


  • Most mixed money counter machines are expensive, but they can save your business from more significant losses and improve your efficiency. When properly installed, these are essential systems to boost productivity.
  • This machine cannot count the value from a mixed pile of separate currencies.
  • It may send damaged yet real bills to the reject pocket.

How Can Cash Counters Improve Your Business?

A mixed denomination value cash bill counter sorter can streamline all aspects of money handling where you have to deal with mixed denomination banknotes every day. The mixed denomination bill counters can count and sort thousands of bills per minute with extreme precision, removing any and all human error from the process.

The resultant efficiency is a long-term advantage over the conventional, by hand counting method. The likelihood of errors is also zero, given most of these machines are equipped with powerful technologies and features. The exactness of the counts can improve the safety and traceability of your business transactions.

These money counting machines do not just count stacks of bills. The counterfeit detection feature can identify fake notes using serial number recognition with UV, infra-red and magnetic technology. Thus, using these denomination money counters can protect businesses from falling victim to fraudsters.

Some mixed denomination counters also support the currencies of multiple countries. These ultra-sophisticated units can identify each denomination for each supported currency. Such machines are ideal for large businesses, financial institutions, banks, restaurants, and currency exchange service businesses.

Industries Commonly Utilizing Mixed Denomination Bill Counters

Reliable mixed denomination bill counters and sorters are commonly purchased by businesses across a number of industries. Banks most commonly purchase these devices to sort through and count high volumes of cash. However, mixed denomination counters can be effective for a number of businesses that manage large volumes of cash. For example, gas stations, wholesalers, and cash-only restaurants frequently purchase these systems. At the same time, school districts and municipalities may even purchase this equipment to count money for fundraisers, events, and other events. Even more, many police departments have purchased mixed denomination counters to quickly total money seized from criminals.

Mixed denomination bill counters have made cash handling ridiculously easy and efficient. These pieces of equipment come with many utilities for business, which is why most companies and financial institutions are already using them to boost efficiency, reduce losses, and improve your business’s customer service. Depending on your business size and the amount of cash you handle daily, a mixed value bill counter may just be the perfect option for you.

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