Useful Money Transfer App Features To Improve Personal Financial Health

Everybody has a money transfer app downloaded on their phone nowadays. This is true even if you may think you do not. Recently, big banks paired up with a new startup to bring money transferring capabilities to their mobile apps. With so many different choices out their for the best money transfer app, it can be difficult to identify which is the best for you particular uses. Learn what you need to consider when choosing a money transfer app to download in this post.

Social Aspect

When downloading a money transfer app, you want to consider whether the app has any social aspect to it. Some people want to let everyone know what they are doing at every moment throughout the day. Other users are a bit more private, especially when it comes to money. Thankfully, there are a number of different exchanging money apps for you to consider no matter whether you consider yourself a social media introvert or extrovert. Make sure you decide whether you want to have some sort of social networking features on your personal finance apps. This will help you narrow down the field of competitors.


Different money transfer applications charge different usage fees in addition to the goods and service tax. This is certainly something to consider, especially if you are trying to improve your financial health. Many personal finance apps do not charge any fees at all. Some only charge fees for business use. Others only charge for transfers made with credit cards. Make sure you look into what fees you will be responsible for with the various money transfer programs to make the best decision for your bank account.

Online Payments

Some person to person payment apps also feature tools for online payments. The biggest names in online banking often have tools that allow you to pay for online shopping expenses with your money transferring app account. If you have ever seen PayPal, ChasePay or Google Wallet as a payment option on your favorite e-commerce websites, this is what we are referring to. Consider whether you want to be able to make payments to online retailers with your money transfer account. This is a consideration that will greatly help to narrow down the field of contenders.


Data encryption is a must when it comes to your personal financial data. Personal financial information is the most risky data to share online. Make sure you are only considering person to person payment apps that offer the highest levels of encryption possible. IT security should be a priority for any companies you are considering. You want to be certain that these companies have a reputation of providing the absolute highest level consumer protections possible. Otherwise, you could be putting your identity and your banking information all at risk.


If you need to be able to send money internationally online, you will have to keep this in mind when downloading a money transfer app. Some money transfer apps do not include features for international money transfers. International money transfer apps are not hard to come by though, so do not worry. But nevertheless, this is still something to keep in consideration when you are trying to find the best person to person transfer apps for you to use.

Money transfers used to be an annoying errand to get done, especially if you were trying to follow those money saving tips you read about in your personal finance magazine. Now, thanks to technology, that is no longer the case. People to people transfer apps are now a dime a dozen. That makes it hard to identify the best money transfer app for your own use. Thankfully, you can use this post to help you decide. Make sure to consider the features and benefits mentioned above to find the absolute best app for your personal financial use. Your wallet will thank you for it later.

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