3 Differences Between Regular Window Cleaning And New Construction Window Cleaning

While window cleaning is essential for your space to look tidy and crystal clear, there are different ways and things to consider for window cleaning. As regular window cleaning can be done by following the most basic steps, it is not the case with new construction window cleaning by commercial window cleaning services. Typically, these services will need to be performed by a licensed, qualified small construction company.

For a newly constructed property, debris, cement, and lots of construction dirt on the windows should be cleaned with utmost and precise care. New construction windows also require special tools and materials to be thoroughly and neatly cleaned.

The best kind of commercial window cleaning services knows and regards the difference between regular window cleaning and new construction window cleaning. If you are thinking of ‘which window cleaning service near me should I go for?’ then you need to learn more about the differences first, which is why there are the basic 3 differences between regular window cleaning and new construction window cleaning by commercial window cleaning services:

Tools And Equipment

After construction, paint, silicone, stucco, and plaster dust are frequently sprayed onto windows. Compared to routine maintenance window cleaning, post-construction window cleaning calls for additional knowledge, specialized heavy business equipment, and attention to detail done by commercial window cleaning services. The likelihood of damaging the glass is very great. Thus care must be given to choosing the correct instruments for cleaning it without breaking it. Scratches are very noticeable on tempered glass. Because of the makeup of the glass and minute production imperfections, scrapers will scratch specific types of glass. Here are the specialized tools and materials that are used to clean new construction windows by commercial window cleaning services:

  • A skilled glass scraper
  • ‘0000’ steel wool, the world’s greatest steel wool that doesn’t scratch glass, is fresh stainless steel scraper blades.
  • Goof Off ™ to get rid of sticker stains
  • 3M ™ scrubbing pads without scratches
  • Acid, to decompose and remove hardened concrete

On the other hand, regular window cleaning by window washing services requires basic elements. It doesn’t require high-tech or complicated tools and equipment, which makes it easier to do than cleaning new construction windows with commercial window cleaning services. Things you need for regular window cleaning are basic and easily available in almost every household; they include:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • A bucket
  • Sponge
  • Squeegee
  • Soft washing cloths
  • Liquid dish detergent
  • A soft-bristled brush

Precaution And Safety

New construction windows on commercial buildings are quite prone to nicking and damage. As a result, you must clean them carefully to minimize the possibility of breaking the glass. Scrubbing instead of scraping may be preferable for eliminating construction trash because the latter reduces the likelihood of glass being scratched or damaged. But doing this can be fairly labor-intensive, which is one of the main reasons you should consider hiring a window cleaning professional.

Commercial window cleaning services’ choice of material, tools, and equipment plays the main game here, as new construction windows have construction-related trash, debris, and cement on them. The wrong use of tools and elements by window washing services can instantly damage or break the glass and windows. One already needs to be extra careful when glass is associated. Still, one wouldn’t want to damage or scratch a newly constructed window even if it is made up of any other substance.

Comparatively, regular window cleaning by window washing services doesn’t require so much of precautions and safety measures to be taken for the procedure. It already includes basic elements and tools; you can clean regular windows with relaxation and ease. The spots and dirt on regular windows can be cleaned quickly and instantly by only rubbing some liquid detergent on them with a soft cloth. Hence, regular window cleaning won’t take much time and effort from cleaning labor or a family member cleaning the windows.

Expertise And Skill

Cleaning windows after new construction by commercial window cleaning services, either at home or in a commercial location, can be very demanding. Because glass is a material that is easily scratched and damaged, washing windows after the contractors are finished presents several business property risks. You might wish to employ the services of commercial window cleaning services to prevent any problems. Window washing services have been playing the game for a while. Therefore they are fully aware of the dangers. Any obstacles that arise when washing windows after construction can be readily overcome by commercial window washing services while leaving them spotless.

The reason that window washing services are already aware of the procedures, how to use the complicated equipment, and how to overcome any damage instantly, makes commercial window cleaning services the ideal choice for the task, as it is always better to be cautious than sorry. On the contrary, regular window cleaning doesn’t require any specific skills or expertise. An amateur can easily do it with no specialized skills for the task.  You can do it without any expert guidance with the help of only a few basic items.

Unlike regular window cleaning by window washing services, new construction window cleaning by commercial window cleaning requires specialized skills, expertise, tools, equipment, and precaution and safety to be taken into account while doing the process. Regular window cleaning can be done by any person regularly without professional help with some basic elements and to reduce business cost.

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