5 Steps To Start A Small Construction Company For Contractors

There are several steps to start a small construction company for contractors. Opening a construction business requires many hours of researching, reporting and paperwork. In fact, nearly 70% of small company owners regret not learning management basics or business administration in the first year. As a contractor, dedicate time to learn the planning and building foundation of opening a new company. This way, you can get a head start and set yourself up for success in the long run. Follow these steps to start a small construction company for contractors.

Research Your Market

First off, you should research your market to start a small construction company for contractors. Find out how many localized construction businesses operate in your area. Once you have calculated an approximate number, learn their specialties and service costs. In addition, review their reputation to determine client satisfaction rates. Afterwards, document the amount of clients they have, their average ages, and interests. After all, you must understand these factors to build a successful business plan. Therefore, you can emerge in the construction business sector with a competitive edge. For sure, perform research on your market to begin a small construction company for your contractors.

Draft Your Business Plan

Next, draft your business plan to start a small construction business for contractors. Your business plan should be the foundation for your fundamental ideas and goals. Plus, use this step to decide if you want to open a new company or profitable franchise. Then, refine it down to a structured, detailed checklist. Afterwards, display the drafted plan to a friend or family member for additional valuable input. Once further revisions are made, you should cover advanced financial areas in the plan such as a SBA loan or line of credit. This way, you can document fundamental ideas, optimize them, and ensure strong credibility to your small business. Certainly, draft up your business plan to establish a small construction company as a contractor.

Choose A Specialty

In addition, choose a specialty to jumpstart a small construction company for contractors. Whether you specialize in residential or commercial environments, you must finance the projects and manage cash flow. Residential companies usually receive deposits upfront, have less competition and close with higher rates. On the other hand, commercial businesses take on larger projects, have more competition and get paid later. If you specialize in residential work, you can get a deposit of 5 to 20% to start the project. Or, you can specialize in commercial projects with bigger contract values. Definitely, you should pick a specialty to start a small construction company for contractors.

Open A Business Bank Account

Then, open a business bank account to open your small construction company. With a dedicated business bank account, you can protect your personal assets. Your personal credit and other assets won’t be at risk in the event you get sued. Once you establish your company bank account, you can start developing business credit. From here, open credit cards and other financing accounts in your business’s name. Since you’re an established company or franchising a business, you’ll get better interest rates and higher lines of credit. Plus, you can make business purchases and accept payments right into this account. Definitely, you should open a separate business bank account for your small construction company.

License Your Company

Furthermore, license your company to open a small construction company. Check your state’s government licensing regulations for starting a small construction company. Here, you can view the bonding requirements to provide construction services in your area. In addition, learn how to apply for a business license, register your company’s name and pay your fees. Once you understand the process, you can apply for an employer identification number from the IRS. Then, you can start applying for bonds, loans and commercial papers. Even if your state doesn’t require certain licenses, you can still get them to make your clients feel more comfortable. In short, you should get the proper licenses and certifications to start your small construction company.

There are several steps to start a small construction company for contractors. First, research your market to analyze your competition. Second, draft your business plan to create a foundation for your fundamentals. Next, choose a specialty to determine which type of business you’ll run. Then, open a bank account to host your company’s transactions and credit. Furthermore, license your company to secure bonds, certifications and loans. These are important steps to follow when starting a small construction company for contractors.

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