How To Find A New Name For Your Business And Improve SEO

If you decide to change your business name for any reason, you should know how to find a new name that will improve your SEO. In addition to fixing the issues that caused you to change the name in the first place, the new name should improve your company’s online presence. Your business name can be a powerful tool to help your SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO marketing content allows you to rank higher on google and attract more customers. By adhering to the following guidelines, you can turn your company’s name change into a huge opportunity for growth. Read on to learn how to find a new name for your business that will improve SEO.

Short and To the Point

A business name that is good for SEO is short and to the point. Avoiding a long, complicated name often makes your business name easier to remember, spell, and say aloud. This makes it much easier for people to find you online. In general, the recommended length for business names is two syllables. However, your new business name will be effective as long as it is relatively short, regardless of syllable count. If you are stuck between two names, pick the one that is more simple and direct. Choosing a short, memorable business name is extremely effective for improving SEO.

Different from the Competition

To find a business name for SEO, think of ideas that are significantly different from competitor names. If you and another company have similar names, you will be directly competing for the number one spot on Google. This may lead to people confusing the two companies, which could hurt both of your businesses. To prevent you from taking customers, the other company may file a lawsuit against you. SEO is difficult as it is without these added challenges, so do your research to prevent them. Search thoroughly to ensure your business name is not already trademarked or taken by another business. Consider consulting with a trademark service provider. To give your company the best chance at SEO success, set yourself apart from the competition by finding a unique name.

Includes Keywords Without Going Overboard

A good way to help your SEO is by putting keywords in your business name without going overboard. Keywords are popular search terms relevant to your business. They can be products or services that you offer. For example, if you are selling shoes, you may want to include the word “shoes” in your business name. This strategy can make your business more likely to come up in searches. However, including too many keywords can make your business name long and generic. One or two relevant terms are sufficient. Remember, keywords are just one of many important aspects of a business name. You should not sacrifice uniqueness or length to implement them. If done in moderation, putting keywords in your business name can help your SEO.

Available On Social Media

Before deciding on a business name, make sure it is available on social media. Even if the domain name is free and no other company has taken the name, you may encounter problems. There may be a social media account with your name that is not affiliated with a business. Or, another business with a similar name could have taken it. If you have this issue, do not resort to adding hyphens or spaces. This makes your name harder to remember and sets you up for competition with the other account. When using social media to promote your business, you should choose a name that is unique on all platforms. To help your SEO, check social media before finalizing your new business name.

Gives Your Company Room to Grow

To choose a business name that will help you rank high on google, look for a name that will give your company room to grow. If you have a narrow name and expand beyond your current services, you might need to change your name again to fit your new role. Of course, name changes are sometimes necessary. However, they should be avoided if possible. This is because rebranding can confuse customers and cause you to lose business. If people are not aware of the change, it may be difficult for them to find you again online. Now that you have the chance to start from scratch, make sure you find a name that will stand the test of time. A good business name should give you room for growth instead of holding you back.

These tips can help you find a new name for your business that will improve your SEO. First, choose a name that is short and to the point to make it memorable. Second, choose a unique name that will separate you from the competition. You can also include keywords in your new name as long as they are using in moderation. Furthermore, your new name should be available on social media to prevent confusion. Lastly, your name should allow you to expand and grow. SEO is one of the many important factors to consider when choosing a new name. By following these guidelines, you can be confident that your new business name will boost your SEO and help you succeed.

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