Must Have Office Phone System Features For Efficient Communications

Business communications have evolved over the years. But, one thing remains the same. Office phones are still one of the major lines of communication to and from a business. That is why choosing the right business phone system is so crucial for new business owners. Your office phone system can have a huge impact on the efficiency and productivity of your employees, especially if you work in telesales. It can even impact your bottom line and overall business performance, for better or for worse. If you want to find the best office phone system for your budding business operations, keep reading below. This post will act as a guide to business phone systems and what features you need to consider when shopping for business telecommunications technology.


The first decision you will have to make regarding your business communications technology is whether you want to use a plain old telephone system, POTS, or new VoIP, internet-based technologies. This the single most determining factor that will narrow down the field of telephone options available to you. VoIP telephone systems use your internet connection to establish voice communications. With a plain old telephone system, you will need to pay for additional phone services in addition to your existing business internet services. Both voice technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages. Be sure to research the two different options to make the best decision for your own office telephone system.

Mobile Features

Any office phone system you consider should include features that enable worker mobility if you have the business funding to afford it. Mobile features and call forwarding features allow employees to be reached by phone no matter where they are. These features are called follow me tools. They allow workers to send and receive calls from their office phone on their mobile phone using a phone mirroring technology. This is an important tool in today’s business environment, where more and more workers are being employed remotely. If you want to maintain business operations seamlessly, regardless of business travel or whether you are having a meeting in a conference room away from your desk, consider buying a business phone system that includes mobility features.

Presence Features

Presence features are also must-have tools for any busy workplace. The presence features on business phones alert people to their colleagues status’ of availability. If someone is already on a call, the light next to their extension number will turn red. If someone is available and ready to talk, the light will remain off. This is a simple feature that is hardly new to business phone systems. However, it is an easy and affordable way to maximize employee productivity by improve office communications. That is why it is so important for new business owners to look for these features in any office phony system solutions they consider.

Auto Attendant Tools

Some businesses may also require auto attendant tools from their telecommunications technology. Auto attendants can help field customer calls and announce on hold messages. This way, you waste less of your employees’ time having to answer needless phone calls. You may also save money on a receptionist if you use your automated answering systems tools correctly. Auto attendants can offer directory information to callers or simply greet callers while they wait for a customer service representative to answer the phone. Regardless of what you use the automated attendant features for, you should certainly keep them on your shopping list when you are looking for the best business phone system for your operations. They will help make your business and its employees much more efficient and productive.

Automatic Call Distribution Tools

Automatic call distribution features can be incredibly helpful for business communications. These tools, also referred to as ACD software, help monitor the amount of calls your business receives, who answers the calls and how long it takes those employees to answer phone calls. This can help any business maximize operations efficiency in the area of business communications. It will help you identify problem areas and bottlenecks in your business. That way, you can consistently be improving operations to maximize business performance. Clearly, this is one of the best features for growing businesses to look for in their office phone system solutions.

Business phone systems are complicated. But, that does not mean it has to be difficult to find the best phony system for your business communications. All you need to know are what features your office phone system should have to help you maximize your potential for business success. Thankfully, this post has presented all the more important business phone features for you to consider. That way, you can search for only the best business phone systems that offer all these business communications tools. It is sure to help you maximize your business potential. Make certain you invest in an office phone system with all the above features. You will not regret your decision to splurge.

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