Secure Business Investment Funding With Drive And Determination

If a business is looking to either get off the ground, or to expand if they’re already established, then it goes without saying that it needs one thing – funding. It makes the world go round, that’s what people say, and it’s certainly true in the business world. To get business funding, many entrepreneurs can struggle unnecessarily.

Without financial injections, either from the banks or guarantor loan lenders like Buddy Loans, or wealthy investors such as the guys off Dragon’s Den, businesses are always going to be reliant upon the income from their goods or services in order to actually expand; something which, obviously, isn’t an option for a startup.

One of the main reasons that anybody chooses to start a business is because they are passionate about the particular sector. They may have had a dream of running their own company for some time, identifying their strong points throughout their years in education, pursuing those into University and spotting a gap in the market to launch their company in; whether it’s something that hasn’t been done yet anywhere in the world, or just in their area.


It’s that passion which needs to show through when it comes to finding the essential investment in your company, however old it is. If you can show potential investors that you are passionate about your company, the sector and reaching the infamous “next level” rather than just the “low-hanging fruit” to use another business term, then they are much more likely to buy in to what you are trying to achieve.

More Than Just A Business Plan

In order to secure business investment funding, you need more than just a great business plan if you plan on starting an American business. You also need to know how to get investors to believe in you as a business owner. This can be difficult for some entrepreneurs who may not have the best social skills. But, if you want to get your business idea funded, you need to work to improve your interpersonal skills. Learn ways to make people trust you. As long as you are a competent individual and you believe in your business concept, this should not be too hard. Getting potential business investors to believe in your skills as a business owner is just as important as creating the perfect business plan. Remember this when you go to find business investment funding for your ideas.

Get In It For The Long Haul

The same is true with the aforementioned guarantor loans and money from the banks. A bank is much more likely to invest in you, giving you the money you need to grow the business if you can show them that you are in it for the long haul, to take your company forward and to provide opportunities for people to join the company in the coming months – not just to splash it all on a few new computers.

With a guarantor loan it’s almost the same, you need to convince your guarantor that they’re backing you (and potentially picking up the bill if you can’t repay the money) because you’re onto a winner, and the lender will be much more likely to transfer the money to your account.

No Passion, No Success

At the end of the day, no business is going to succeed if you don’t have that passion for what you’re doing. This is true for every business, from a masonry repairs business to a tech startup. Many business owners start off at the very bottom within another agency or company, learning the vital skills and developing a passion for what they’re doing and focusing on a particular area.

Get Your Hands Dirty

They can then take these skills and start their own firms if they have the drive and determination to do so, but getting your hands dirty is compulsory. If you’re only starting a business to keep your eye on the bank account without valuing what you’re doing, paying others to do the hard graft while you sit pretty, then it’s a long way to fall.

However, by pitching in from day one you’re much more likely to show that passion you need to seal the investment naturally, rather than having to put on your businessman or businesswoman hat when you go to the bank. That entrepreneurship will shine through, and the money will be a certainty if you provide and show a solid business plan.

Put Your Mouth Where The Money Is

If you want to secure business funding for your next entrepreneurial endeavor, you have to go where the money is. As a business person, you probably have no issues talking to people who could potentially invest mezzanine funds in your business. So, use that to your advantage; put your mouth where the money is and get talking! There are plenty of websites online that will link entrepreneurs to potential investors who are looking for their next opportunity. Use these websites to your advantage. Make and account and get to posting and messaging! If you prefer face-to-face interactions better, fear not. There are plenty of opportunities to do this, as well. Consider joining your local chapter of the Small Business Association. These groups typically put on networking events specifically for the purpose of linking investors to entrepreneurs. To secure business funding for your venture, make sure you put yourself in a position to meet investors, whether it be in-person or online.

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