Upgrading The Work Environment With An Office Privacy Pod

Upgrading the work environment with an office privacy pod provides office managers with a solution to the privacy issue in modern workspaces. It is common today for companies to embrace the concept of open space for increased collaboration. However, the lack of secluded areas for confidential matters and quiet space is one of the chief complaints about this type of office design. The open floor plan allows sound to travel in all directions, easily derailing “heads down” time. To combat this issue, office managers are turning to office privacy pods for creating that intimate space. It is a viable solution for isolated space but do your homework prior to submitting that purchase order. Office managers should read on for important information before upgrading the work environment with an office privacy pod.

A Viable Solution For Companies With A Limited Budget

If you are an office manager contemplating an office renovation, privacy pods are a viable solution for companies with a limited budget. It is a common reaction to see dollar signs when you think about starting projects like this. Afterall, renovations involve all types of contractors, building materials and other miscellaneous costs. Privacy pods are more economical and provide those dedicated areas around the office. Additionally, most are portable, allowing you to transport them around the office or take the with you should you move to a different location. For these reasons, office managers with a limited budget should seriously consider privacy pods for any workplace upgrades.

Types Of Office Privacy Pods

Choosing the right type of office privacy pods for your office does require a little research. Office managers may initially conjure up an image of a freestanding phone booth-like workspace when hearing the words “office privacy pod.” In fact, those spaces are a very common, private workstation solution for individuals. Additionally, there are many alternatives that allow for multiple users that also mitigate outside sound. These privacy pods can look like an actual office or take the form of a beehive-shaped space. Rest assured, office managers upgrading the work environment will have no shortage of types of privacy pods to choose from.

Assess The Needs Of Employees

Next, office managers considering the addition of office privacy pods should assess the needs of employees. Knowing what type of spaces employees need is the key to improving the work environment. You should know that these “hideaways” come in all shapes and sizes with each one offering a slightly different experience. As the office manager, you should survey the employees and ask whether there is a need for group meeting areas. Perhaps your findings will reveal that it is more advantageous to have individual quiet spaces. Maybe there are requirements of special populations that your office privacy pods will accommodate. After you have assessed the needs of employees, it will become clear which office privacy pod will be the best upgrade for the work environment.

A Private Place For New Moms

Do you have employees coming back to work after maternity leave? Office managers need to provide a private place for new moms who are breastfeeding. This is not just a luxury for this special population, it is required by federal law. A way to be in compliance is to offer an office privacy pod specifically for this purpose. There are some designed with this activity in mind, however, any pod that delivers an isolated, clean and secure space will fulfill the company’s legal obligation. Office managers should note that a bathroom does not constitute a private place for new moms.

A Pod For Meditation

Consider upgrading the work environment with a pod for meditation if the budget allows. This may seem like an extreme quiet space to provide until you read about the benefits. Research abounds on the positive effects of meditation on mental health, even if only one minute per day. This office privacy pod is a dedicated space outfitted with the fundamental features conducive for meditation. In the workplace, employees who meditate are highly productive and more creative. Additionally, their mental state is focused and positive. Because of this, office managers providing a pod for meditation will certainly be enhancing the work environment.

Many modern office environments are chock full of open space. This makes it challenging for office managers to provide quiet spaces for individuals or small groups. Office privacy pods produce these secluded spaces and are an affordable solution that come various shapes and sizes. Before purchasing one, however, office managers should assess the need of employees. Additionally, it is important to factor into the decision the needs of any special populations, like nursing moms. Specialty pods like those for meditation offer an escape for employees and have shown to increase productivity. The points mentioned are just a few to consider when upgrading the work environment with an office privacy pod.

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