5 Ways An Office Water Cooler Rental Improves Employee Work Environments

Office water cooler chats have been a longstanding tradition in professional life. However, fewer businesses are getting office water coolers for employees in all different organizational change models. Most often, this is done in effort to save business money. Unfortunately, this could provide disadvantageous to office morale and employee camaraderie. Learn the advantages of finding a water cooler rental for your small business office in the post below. You will be surprised how much a simple office water cooler rental could impact your workplace environment.

Employee Health Benefits

Employee health is sure to improve when you implement an office water cooler system at your business. There is no better beverage to drink than plain old water. But often, employees rarely drink water in favor of coffee and sweetened carbonated beverages, like soda. Over time, chronic dehydration can really take a toll on employee health. Giving your employees access to fresh, filtered water whenever they have a thirst is one of the best ways to make employees healthier.

Environmental Perks

There are also environmental benefits that come from using a commercial water cooler rental. Plastic waste has been proven detrimental to environmental sustainability time after time. In response, businesses can reduce plastic waste of employees and office snack rooms by using a water cooler system rental. Water cooler rental systems utilize far less plastic. Some water coolers do not even use plastic water gallons at all. This could really help improve environmental friendliness for business, without the need for sustainability consulting services. If you want to make your business go green, renting a water cooler for the office is one of the best ways to start.

Tax Deductions

Office water cooler rentals are also 100% tax deductible. Obviously, this is a considerable benefit for your business finances. The more tax deductions you can capitalize on, the more money your business saves each year. Office water coolers will cost you money each month. But then at the end of the year, you can write all of those water cooler rental costs off on your business taxes. This is not possible with other business expenses, like a live answering service. These tax deductions will provide serious cost advantages of water cooler rental services.

Build Workplace Culture

The employee conversations that happen around the water cooler make for a better workplace culture. The common area will frequently bring coworkers together. During those times, meaningful, personal and non-work related conversations happen. Those are the talks that will help to create real, substantial coworking relationships between colleagues. Ultimately, the improved personal relationships will benefit employee collaboration across the whole office. This is a considerable benefit that many business owners do not recognize water cooler systems can bring.

Improved Productivity

Renting a water cooler for the office can also improve employee productivity. Water makes your employees healthier. Healthier employees take fewer sick days, which lowers employee absenteeism. That will boost productivity alone. But, office water cooler systems can also help boost productivity throughout the work day in small ways. Water can help re-energize and re-focus employees. That will make them work harder, better and more efficiently. Ultimately, the employee productivity benefits provided by renting an office water cooler are some of the best to experience.

All offices can benefit from installing an office water cooler system. Water cooler system rentals can improve employee morale and the office environment overall. Too few business owners recognize these advantages. Remember the office water cooler rental benefits detailed above. These water cooler rental advantages are sure to improve your small business office environment right away.

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