5 Models For Outsource Facilities Management And Methods

There are several models and methods to successfully outsource facilities management. Companies will choose to shift from in-house operations to outsourcing facilities to maximize profits. This process includes delegating the decision making and management of a facility to an external 3rd party. With the right outsourcing partner, companies can improve their in-house operations. As a business property owner, you can use different models to minimize building life-cycle costs while increasing facilities output. In fact, you can reduce costs as much as 20% compared to traditional legacy costs. Read on to learn more about the best outsourcing models for facilities management.

Value Based Model

First, try a value based model to outsourcing facilities management. This model includes an integrated approach to your real estate, facilities, energy usage and maintenance. With a value-based model, the outsourcing partner streamlines the operations for improved performance in these areas. They can provide transaction and project management assistance. Further, they manage the equipment for the building. Plus, their actives conserve key energy, resources and procedures. Combining these key services together, the facilities management company can provide measurable value to companies.

Flexible Management Model

Next, the flexible model works for outsourcing facilities property management. Flexible management services go beyond the property upkeep, restrooms and lighting. These facilities managers focus on workplace amenities. The services include conveniences such as workspaces, sitting/standing desks, on-site fitness gyms and other lifestyle services. Even more, amenities can include drop off/pick up services for dry-cleaning, food and other errands. By outsourcing these additional services, your in-house teams can focus on the higher value priorities. You can even add/remove services as needed. This creates a better working environment for everyone at the company. For sure, companies that want to improve their overall employee experience should consider a flexible facilities outsourcing partnership model.

Hybrid Facilities Management Model

A growing trend, the hybrid service model is popular to outsource your facilities management process. The hybrid approach combines multiple vendors, technologies and systems to outsource facilities management services. The hybrid model can segment the core services into subcontractors for janitorial, landscaping, contracting and technology. Subcontracted work allows property managers to carefully manage business outsourced costs, agility and scope. This model work for facilities that need to adjust to changing business needs and demands. Implement a hybrid outsourcing model for growing companies that need to adapt to change.

On Demand Staffing Model

Outsourcing facilities management may require an on-demand staffing model. Companies that have an existing facilities salary and payroll might need specific expertise. You can simply analyze your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Then hire for the specific trade, equipment or management knowledge needed. By outsourcing weaker tasks, the facilities management department can learn new skills, technologies and tasks. Additionally, the company will save time and energy on critical activities that are needed quickly. Choose a staffing outsourcing partner to support your team and boost your overall core competency for facilities management.

Cost Savings Model

Of course, the cost saving outsourcing model is attractive to small businesses on a budget. By partnering with an integrated facilities management company, you will save money on hourly wages, employer taxes, paid sick time and other company benefits. Plus, you do not have to provide onboarding, training, education and risk mitigation. When you compare outsourcing vs in-house, the total cost can be much cheaper for facilities services. Outsourced companies typically offer higher levels of efficiency, while reducing the expenses and costs associated with facilities maintenance. Certainly, a cost savings model can make a difference to you company’s bottom line.

These are some of the best models for outsourcing facilities management. The value based model offers an integrated approach to multiple areas including real estate, energy management and equipment. The flexible facilities management companies offer added conveniences for ideal workspaces, employee experience and lifestyle services. Meanwhile, the hybrid management model offers multiple outsourcing vendors to meeting changing needs. Depending on the team size, you can use a flexible, on demand staffing solutions for property managers. Or, you can stick to a cost savings model to maximize your profit margins. Analyzing your business, you can choose the best facilities management outsourcing partner for you.

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