Top 3 Palantir Software Alternatives For Small Business Data Management

Palantir Software is a privately owned technology company based out of Palo Alto, California, like every other company in the artificial intelligence industry. Palantir is widely known for their development of software specifically for the United States government, including agencies like the FBI. You may have heard of Palantir Software recently being made available to privately-owned, civilian businesses. Unfortunately, Palantir’s programs may still be a bit out of reach for a small business owner like yourself. If you would like to know more about Palentir Software offerings and similar alternatives that may benefit your business, keep reading. Here are the available software offered by Palantir and similar programs that small business owners can make use of without breaking the bank.

Palantir Gotham

Palantir Gotham is the first product to have been announced by Palantir Software. This program, formally called Palantir Government, was developed to analyze large sets of data regarding objects and the things that connect them for the US and Canadian government departments. Palantir Gotham began as a criminal justice solution. That may not seem like anything that a small business owner like yourself would be able to make use of. However, your business can indeed benefit from a software that will effectively analyze data regarding customer behavior. Unfortunately, Palantir Gotham is not an analytics tool that is accessible for small business owners. But, if you would like to find out a similar alternative that works within your budget, continue reading.

Palantir Gotham Alternative

A great alternative for the big data analysis offered by Palantir Software is Google Analytics. Google Analytics makes these customer behavior analysis tools available to small business owners at absolutely no cost. With a Google Analytics account, you will be able to make use of the incredible amount of data collected by Google every second of every day. The Palantir Software alternative even offers tools that will enable you to customize data to predict information that is relevant to your business. If you are looking for an alternative to Palantir Gotham that still provides access to big data that can help your small business, Google Analytics is the best option out there.

Palantir Metropolis

Palantir Metropolis was initially named Palantir Finance, a much better indicator of what the software seeks to manage. Palantir Software created this finance program as a method of mining and organizing staggering amounts of data collected from financial institutions. The hope was that this information would then change the future of how companies that participated would operate in the future. Unfortunately, this software appears to be a flop in recent years. In 2015, Palantir Software recorded losses, not gains, as they spent more money then they made. They also lost multiple big name clients, including Coca-Cola and Nasdaq, in addition to 30% of their staff. However, Palantir top CEO Alex Karp insists that this is no indication of their products’ performance but rather, a lack of vision on behalf of the company’s partners. Whatever the case, Palanatir Metroprolis, formally known as Palantir Finance, is not a viable option for small business owners. However, there is similar financial data software that may be of use to you.

Palantir Metropolis Alternative

While Palantir Software may offer the best solution for large corporations, small businesses will find that there are much better alternatives out their that are a much better fit for lower volume data. If you are looking for a tool to analyze financial data, there are plenty of options out there. PrevisionEPM Financial Reporting is one such software that you may wish to give some thought. This program provides tools to analyze financial data that will help you to better plan for the future using standard KPIs. Using the information provided by PrevisionEPM software, you can develop a financial plan for the future to increase earnings and decrease spending. If you are looking for a small business alternative to the big data analysis programs of Palantir Software, PrevisionEPM may offer the solution for you.

Palantir Foundry

Palantir Foundry is a data integrations software available to users of all sizes. The Palantir Foundry software seeks to improve the way that enterprises like yours interact with and use data across all industries, including the aviation industry. The software allows any and all users to focus data, fuse data sets and transform data to fit business needs. Using this software, endpoints used to access the software become data sources themselves. If you need an impressive and comprehensive data integration software, consider Palantir Foundry.


XKEYSCORE is a program from the United States National Security Agency, or NSA. XKEYSCORE Helper from Palantir is a software offered to do exactly what the name implies – help investigate and analyze NSA data from the program. The big data management software helps to make it accessible to other analysts or Five Eyes intelligence partners. Unfortunately for small business owners and mlm companies, there is no similar program that could benefit your business in a similar way on a smaller scale. However, this Palantir software for the NSA is an indicator of the scale of the operations and solutions that Palantir develops and manages.

Palantir Software is one of the most well-known names in Palo Alto. It may even be one of the most well-known names in the entire tech industry. The privately-owned company offers large corporations solutions for finance and customer big data analysis, as you may have heard at many small business conferences. Unfortunately, this software is not an option for small business owners like you. However, this post offers great alternative to the products offered by Palantir Software – Gotham and Metropolis. Give Google Analytics and PrevisionEPM a try if you own a small business. The information provided by the software will undoubtedly help your business thrive in the future. If you have used Palantir Software, Google Analytics or PrevisionEPM before, let us know what you thought of it in the comments below.

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