How Canadian Government Pardons Process Changes Impact Business


The Canadian government has been working to improve their legislation. These improvements help citizens, businesses and government officials too. If you would like to start a Toronto business, or a new business in the country, you will find plenty of support. Most recently, the government of Canada has changed a previous law that will specifically affect the pardons business.

Canadian Government Explained

Before you look into the changes coming to the Canadian pardons process, you should know a little bit about the basics of Canada’s government if you plan to open a business in Canada. After all, this will impact how business is conducted or even how the business analyst role is defined and executed. Canada is governed by a constitutional monarchy. In a constitutional monarchy, the queen or king of Canada is the head of state, and the Prime Minister is the head of government. The Canadian queen is represented in government by the Governor General, who is appointed to a five year term, typically. These are just the basics of Canadian government. However, it is good to know these fundamentals of Canada’s politics, in order to understand the recent changes to the pardons business.

Lower Fees For Minor Crimes

It has been four years since the Conservative government decided to hike up the application fee for a national pardon in Canada. Now the Minister of Public Safety, Ralph Goodale, it looking to reverse those changes surrounding these instances of exchanging money, which he deems unacceptable and an abuse of power.

Small Offenses Applications

As of right now, it currently costs $631 to apply for a Canadian pardon. The price was a steep increase from the previous costs of $150, and the change took place in 2012, four years ago. It was put in place by the previous government, which was predominantly Conservative, but change is set to come to help business in Canada. The Minister of Public Safety, Ralph Goodale, is now in power and he is seeking to lower those extreme costs so that more people can have their records forgiven and no longer live with a dark aura hanging over their lives and their loved ones. This is especially true for those individuals who have been indicted for petty or minor crimes, such as marijuana possession. Does such a small offence really warrant a five year waiting period to be deemed in good social standing?

Fairer Canadian Pardons Process

Minister Goodale doesn’t seem to think so. His vision for a new and improved Canadian pardon process is to lower those application fees to a normal, affordable amount. Moreover, he would like to have those ridiculous waiting times diminished; there is no reason for a person with a criminal record to have to wait a decade to prove themselves an upstanding citizen of the law. According to Minister Goodale, the changes that were put in place in 2012 by the previous Conservative government were just inappropriate and a terrible mishandling of power. Someone needs to represent the Canadian citizens who have made mistakes, and perhaps the government under Minister Goodale could make it happen.

Stay Updated

While it would be great to see these changes, the latest update that news sources have from Minister Goodale and his government is from August 2016. The National Pardon Centre of Canada is awaiting these measures to be put into place, and they foresee these changes to come very soon. This means that more people will be able to apply for a national pardon (also called a record suspension) and get on with their lives, starting businesses of their own. Who knows, you might even consider a cleaning business that services government offices and commercial suites.

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