5 Best PHR Certification Online Courses For Beginners

There are many PHR Certification courses that you can find online. As HR Certifications become more valuable to employers you want to find the right certifications to represent your skills. As a new employee in the human resources industry, these PHR Online Certification Courses are easily accessible and are guaranteed to prepare you for your certification exams. Read on to learn about the best PHR Certification Online Courses for beginners.

HR Generalist Certification

First, an HR Generalist Certification is great for beginners who seek an entry level position. In these seminars, you’ll learn many skills similar to business leadership training. This course is designed to teach HR professionals about many key subjects within the HR Industry. In this course students will learn about staffing and the hiring process, new hire paperwork, and the training cycle. In addition, this course teaches the responsibilities of an HR Generalist, US Labor Laws, Employee Benefits, and a wide range of other subjects. Surely, taking an online HR Generalist Certification course will help you land an entry-level HR position.

Associate Professional In Human Resources

Next, an Associate Professional In Human Resources- or aPHR- Certificate is another great course for HR novices. The aPHR Course utilizes a curriculum that teaches 5 key subjects; talent acquisition, learning and development, compensation and benefits, employee relations, and compliance risk and management. Each of these subjects make up a percentage of the aPHR Certification Exam and the online courses provide that percentage when you enroll in their course. The course provides in-depth information on how to use modern technology to manage and review recruiting data, track employee growth, and how to navigate employee complaints. Certainly, the APHR Certification course will give you the knowledge and skills you need as an entry-level HR professional.

Diversity And Inclusion Certification

Another online course is the Diversity And Inclusion Certification course. These diversity training programs are designed to teach students how to utilize new methods to create a more inclusive workplace. The curriculum of this course covers topics which include fundamentals of diversity and inclusions, microbehaviors, bias consequences, and a wide range of additional subjects relating to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The Diversity and Inclusion Certification has become one of the most sought out and valued certifications by employers. As an HR beginner, you want to enroll in the Diversity and Inclusion Certification course to show your future employer why you stand out amongst other entry-level applicants.

Organizational Development Certification

Furthermore, the Organizational Development Certification- or OD Certification- course is an excellent online course which allows you to learn at your own pace. The program teaches students how to merge techniques, culture, and customize the communication methods between various departments. The curriculum of the OD Certification contains 6 sections and a total of 18 modules that provide information on organization development, consulting and communication skills, organization design, HR operating models, organization culture. The OD Certification course is sure to show any future employers that you are qualified to help their organization grow in the market.

Society For Human Resources Certification

Lastly, the Society For Human Resources Management Certification Course is another great course to improve your HR knowledge and skills. Individuals who enroll in this course are required to have a minimum of 3 years of HR experience or must have an HR degree and one full year of HR work experience. The SHRM Certification courses teaches students how to develop and navigate Human Resource Policy designs while providing beginner level information in order to prepare them for circumstantial questions. In addition, individuals with less than seven years of HR work experience or a comparable educational background qualify for the SHRM Senior Certified Professional Exam. Your SHRM Certification wikll be one of the first things your future employer sees on your resume.

There is a wide range of PHR Certification Online Courses for beginners. Therefore, it is essential to choose the course that will teach you to be HR professional. First, the HR Generalist Certification Course is a great course to learn the basics of the Human Resources Industry and help you get an entry-level position. The PHR Certification Course is another great beginner level course that provides in-depth information about the hiring and employment processes. The Diversity And Inclusion Certification is a highly sought after certification by employers and is designed to teach students how to develop a more diverse and welcoming workplace. The OD Certification Course will teach students business strategies, communication skills, and HR operations. Lastly, the SHRM Certification Course is excellent course that teaches students the basics of Human Resources and policy development. Read the points above to learn about the 5 best PHR certification online courses for beginners.

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