How to Post Jobs on Facebook Business Accounts

There are several steps to post jobs on Facebook business accounts. Companies post job listings to dozens of platforms. Yet, over 40% of small business owners report they struggle to find qualified candidates. Introduced in 2017, the Facebook job-posting feature can broaden the search for new applicants. In fact, Facebook can increase the odds of finding an ideal candidate who meets or exceeds expectations. As a hiring manager, take a different approach toward hiring new talent and filling open positions in your company. Follow these steps to post jobs on Facebook business accounts.

Set Up A Facebook Business Page

First, set up an account to start posting jobs on your Facebook business page. Log into your personal account to begin making a professional page for your business. Then, enter your business information and page name for your company. Afterwards, choose a few words that best describe your business and select the category that best suits your organization. Before you can start designing job listings, fill in the description field with up to 255 character that describes the purpose of your business. This will help potential job seekers learn more about your company mission, vision, and operating principles. You may also want to add pictures to create a visual first impression for future candidates. Throughout selection, choose photos that aligns with your business and are identifiable. You should also look for photos that advertise a job and your company culture, which will further attract users seeking employment. Of course, set up a professional company page to post jobs on Facebook business accounts.

 Create A Job Listing

Second, create a job to listing on your Facebook business account. Navigate your page and click on the “Create Job” option. This button can be found either in the “Manage Jobs” menu tab or on the bottom of your business page in the “Jobs” tab. Enter your job information, such as title, location and type in the required fields. Use relevant keywords to help job seekers find your job based on their skills and qualifications. Furthermore, fill in all fields whether they are required or optional to provide as much information as possible for job seekers to review. You should include enough information in your job post to allow individuals to understand the job duties and requirements. Certainly, create a job on your Facebook business account by following these formalities.

Add A Job Description

Next, add a job description before posting it to your Facebook business page. First, describe the job duties and responsibilities that you expect to be performed daily. Include anything that is important for perspective candidates to know, such as the job type, location and title. List any qualifications or experiences that you are expecting future employees to have. You can include a salary range to allow candidates to decide if your compensation rates align with their expectations. Add a link to the company website to allow job seekers to learn more about the company before submitting an application. Also, you can add an email address to allow potential candidates to follow up with you or submit other forms such as resumes. Of course, add a job description before posting it to your Facebook business page.

Make Your Post Engaging

Then, make your job post engaging on your Facebook business page to attract applicants. Typically, job posts with photos have a higher performance rate than job posts lacking visuals. Include a photo in your job post that appropriately complements your business by highlighting your products, company or team members. Try to capture an image that displays what a day to day looks like at your company. More so, incorporate GIFs by copying and pasting the link to the post. You can also add videos to your job post to help it stand out. Use an appealing video that promotes the company to attract candidates right away since videos play automatically. Certainly, make your posts engaging to attract future applicants to view your job listings.

Promote Your Post

Finally, promote your job post beyond your Facebook business page. Consider posting on StartUpJobs as an extra way to source top talent. Share your job listings on your personal Facebook page to allow your friends and family to engage with your posts. They can then like, comment, and share the posts to allow their friends and family to discover your open positions. More so, ask your employees to share your posts on their Facebook accounts. Share your job listings in any professional Facebook groups you are in to find potential candidates. Furthermore, reach out to any contacts that you think could be suitable for any open positions via a private message. Definitely, promote your job post to share your job postings on Facebook.

There are several steps to follow when posting a job on your Facebook business account. Of course, these steps could also assist you in creating Zip Recruiter job postings. First, set up a Facebook business page to have easy access to posting multiple job listings on social media to attract more applicants. Second, create a job listing with enough detail to allow future applicants to engage with your post. Next, add a job description that includes plenty of detail to give potential candidates the opportunity to learn about the job. Then, make your job post more engaging with visuals to attract new applicants. Finally, promote your job posts by sharing them with multiple people to gain traffic. Follow these steps to post jobs on your Facebook business account.

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