How To Post On StartupJobs To Attract Start Up Talent Quickly


StartupJobs is a website created for employers and job seekers to come together to fill positions in up and coming startups. If you are an entrepreneur looking to expand your business or leverage proprietary technology, you may want to consider StartupJobs as a recruitment tool. This website is perfect for small businesses and startups that want to find quality candidates for a variety of positions. See below for our complete step-by-step guide on how to post your start up job listings on

Step 1: Register

The first step to finding potential employees through StartupJobs is to register for an account. This requires an email and password. Be sure to enter the email that you use for your business, not personal, correspondence. Once you have entered this information, you will be brought to your profile.

Step 2: Build Your Profile

The next step for posting on is to fill out a profile. After registering for an account, you should see a button that says Manage Your Profile. This option will allow you to enter your name, company name, and other basic information. Additionally, you may also include a company logo or other image along with a description of your business. It is important to build a professional profile so that you present yourself as a legitimate business to potential candidates.

Step 3: Choose A Plan

After you have crafted your profile, you should then choose a plan for your job postings. StartupJobs offers a variety of options for businesses to choose from. Your plan will likely depend on how many positions you need to fill. Do you need developers, interpersonal communication or executives? On your dashboard, click “Purchase More Job Posting Credits” to view your options. There is even a single, free job posting that you can use for 60 days. Pick the plan that works best for your needs and enter your payment information.

Step 4: Post Your Job

After you have chosen a posting plan, you can begin putting your actual jobs out there for potential candidates to see. While the platform doesn’t send out the post to other sites like Zip Recruiter, it does have a major audience. When posting a job, you will be asked to include the job title, company name, description and location. Additionally, you can include additional application instructions for interested parties. Review the information thoroughly in the Preview to ensure that everything is correct and that there are no typos. Finally, once it is all approved you can confirm and post it.

Step 5: Recruit

If you want to go the extra mile, consider doing some recruitment work on StartupJobs after posting your job openings. This site has a section that allows you to search through profiles of potential candidates and contact them directly. Rather than waiting for the right person to come to you, take a look at their profiles and reach out to job seekers yourself. is an excellent website for new businesses and entrepreneurs who want access to qualified candidates. If you are looking to fill a position at your company, follow these steps above. By creating a professional profile and reaching out to ideal candidates, you can fill your open positions quickly. StartupJobs is a great way for employers and job seekers to join together.

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