Post Office Currency Exchange Services To Get Foreign Money For Travel


Post office currency is not a common term for many Americans. The United States Postal Service provides people with a way to ship items internationally. However, it falls short when it comes to helping travelers prepare to go abroad. In the United Kingdom, the Post Office is a popular way to exchange currencies without incurring the excess fees associated with places like Ace Cash Advance. If you are traveling abroad, this post office currency is an excellent option for you to get the money you need. To find out more about post office currency, as well as other ways that you could obtain foreign money for travel, keep reading below.

Post Office

The UK Post Office provides travelers with a wealth of options when it comes to exchanging their money. You can order online and have the money delivered to your hotel or traveling residence, or you can have it delivered to your nearest post office and pick it up from there. Unlike many other places that help you to exchange foreign cash, the post office does not receive any commission, making it the smart option for anyone looking to save money.

Post Office Exchange Rates

The post office is not only the place to exchange your money. It is also the place to go check the latest foreign exchange rates.This is the best option if using your Citibank business card is not an option. You can check the current buy back rates for travel money at the Post Office Money website. You can browse through the tourist exchange rates portion of their website to read an overview of historical exchange rates as well as the current exchange rates. This is the best way to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth, even if you do not choose to exchange money at the post office.

Debit Card

A debit card is your next best choice when it comes to using money abroad. The card is slightly more secure than carrying around large sums of cash, and you can easily withdraw cash as you need it from ATMs. However, you could rack up significant ATM fees if you are not careful. The best way that you can avoid exorbitant fees is to limit your ATM usage and try to use your card for the majority of your purchases and transactions. Just make sure you call your bank beforehand and let them know that you will be traveling.

Credit Card

A credit card is another promising option for travelers. This is much more helpful than the services of, say, Lightyear Capital. If you have a card that is widely accepted in your area, you could avoid high exchange rate fees. The best choice however, is to use a credit card that is aimed at travelers. Usually, they will waive foreign transaction fees. Best of all, a credit card offers greater fraud protection than cash or a debit card. If you are going abroad, you should consider preparing yourself and your bank account by opening an international traveler’s credit card.

Traveler’s Checks

Traveler’s checks are largely outdated. However, they are a secure way of carrying large amounts of money while overseas. Typically, traveler’s checks lead to high fees and exchange rates. These are most often best for obtaining emergency funds, while one of the other options above acts as your primary source of money.

Banking Abroad

If you are traveling overseas for an extended length of time, you may be able to save yourself the extra fees and hassle associated with some of these other options by simply opening an overseas bank account in your travel area. This is a cash flow management technique used by many frequent business travellers. While post office currency and credit cards are useful, a complete and fully functioning bank account cannot be beat. Consider this option if you plan on staying a while.

The UK Post Office provides people with an excellent way to exchange their money for travel. However, there are also plenty of other options available to get you the money you need to go shopping on high street. Consider these many choices the next time you plan on traveling.

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