Why Lightyear Capital Has The Smartest Acquisition Strategies Of All


Lightyear Capital is a private equity firm providing some of the smartest acquisition strategies. As you might already know, acquisitions and buy-outs are methods to accelerate your business growth. Both tactical moves aim to gain an edge over competitors and obtain a stronger foothold in the industry. As competitive as it is, acquisitions require considerable knowledge and expertise to be executed properly. Professional financial service firms like Lightyear Capital offer acquisitions services to guide you through a successful buyout. Additionally, the company employs a few key strategies to receive successful investment returns for their clients, and can even help you avoid cash flow management mistakes.

Middle Market Investments

Founded in 2000, Lightyear Capital invests in the middle market, companies with enterprise values under $500 million. They primarily deal in the financial services industry with focus on asset management, banking, financial technology, insurance, brokerage and specialty finance. With its variety of offerings, the company promises to create a value-driven portfolio for its clients. Additionally, Lightyear Capital has been involved in some of the biggest equity stakes in recent times, establishing a good reputation to support their credibility.

Monitor Investment Progress

One of the more popular services, Lightyear Capital performs investment control to monitor your investment progress. The service independently supervises the quality of asset management accounts. Investment controlling ensures quality in order to acquire the maximum benefit for investors. Lightyear Capital’s investment control is a proven strategy to track and check the quality of your investments.

Equity Opportunities For Investors

Lightyear Capital creates growth equity opportunities for investors. The same cannot be said of most online broker options. Growth equity provides capital to businesses that are looking to expand their operations, enter new markets and scale strategic acquisitions. From the investors’ perspective, growth equity can be quite beneficial. Firstly, growth equity invests in mature operating companies with a proven business model, ensuring quality returns for investors. Secondly, growth equity investments allow the investors to gain significant industrial foothold, as the mature companies are usually perceived market leaders in the sector. Finally, growth equity investors can look towards investment companies based on a defined plan. With proper research, they can achieve the desired profitability potential from a growth equity investment. Growth capital investment is certainly one of the more unconventional investment strategies. However, Lightyear Capital’s properly sourced and executed strategies can provide a lower risk-adjusted venture to investors.

Leveraged Buyout Services

Lightyear Capital also provides leveraged buyout services. While leveraged buyouts are extremely risky for the investors, sound strategy can guarantee a healthy return, even healthier than returns for the latest clean energy ETF. However, investors’ risk is capped at a point because of the debt secured by the assets of the target company. On the other hand, investors seek to buy a company with a small amount of equity and a significant amount of debt, chances are high that the results go unexpectedly. Having substantial experience in leveraged buyouts, Lightyear Capital can guarantee a lower risk with these investments.

Financial Advisors

In addition to all the great services Lightyear Capital has offered for many years, their new acquisition of AIG Advisor Group allows them to offer improve financial advisement and investing advisement services. The terms of the deal were not made public, but Lightyear Capital Group did disclose plans for retention deals to be offered to over five thousand independent AIG advisors. You can even seek advisement regarding final expense insurance and more. This only makes the private equity firm an even better choice for helping you through an acquisition.

Notable Investments

Of course, some Lightyear Capital investments are more noteworthy than others. Lightyear Capital has made several impressive investments. However, the most notable of these are their investment in Collegiate Funding Services, which was later acquired by JPMorgan Chase, and the third largest crop insurer in the U.S., NAU Country Insurance Company. They have also impressed clients with their investments in ARGUS Software, Higher One and more. These successful investments should definitely give potential clients a lot of confidence.

Lightyear Capital is a credible private equity firm that can ensure a steady profit with long term opportunities in an emerging market. While, it can be expensive with acquisition and buyout investments, Lightyear Capital’s strategies have been proven to be effective. Their experience and diligence in various investments makes them a good consideration when looking for private equity firms.

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