5 Best Premium Rate Number Providers For Phone Services

There are several best premium rate number providers for phone services. Premium rate numbers provide services like television show voting, national competitions, and standard customer service lines. Premium numbers charge a higher fee on calls and texts. Typically, premium numbers start with 070, 087, or 084 in the UK. In the United States, these numbers start with 900. Or, you can get a vanity number and customize your contact number. As a business owner, partner with PRN providers for paid directory inquiries, consulting lines and entertainment businesses. This way, you can charge your customers for every call or text they make to your business. Plus, you can set higher rates than standard providers. Read on to discover the top premium rate number providers for phone services.

Wholesale Providers

First, a wholesale premium rate number provider is a top solution for phone services. This communications provider supports business partners with need-to-know technical and financial expertise. Plus, they offer multiple tariffs to manage operations across your entire business. Of course, these tariffs and expertise are required to upkeep connections between large established publishers and distributed local loops of operators. With a wholesale PRN, you can charge clients from various locations, provide professional assistance, and bring in new customers internationally to boost revenue. Certainly, consider a wholesale premium rate number provider as an option for phone services.

International Providers

Secondly, international premium rate number (IPRN) providers are reliable for phone services. These providers allow anyone to create a IPRN business or resellers network. As a result, users can receive and manage calls from most areas around the world. Simply order your international premium rate number online. Then, set up an account and manage it in real time. Plus, you can set up new numbers instantly and customize the voice content for each. Of course, determine when you want to receive your revenue, such as weekly or monthly increments. Increase your payouts based on the volume of minutes fulfilled. Or, charge premium rates based on geographic region, state or country. Certainly remember to incorporate exchange rates, such as the different between 1 AUD to USD. Definitely sign up for an international premium rate number provider abroad.

Micropayment Solutions

Next, consider micropayment solutions as your PRN provider for phone services. Businesses who utilize micropayment providers charge end users a small amount of money for their services. Typically, charges cost anywhere from less than a dollar up to $20. This solution works well for businesses with a large caller volume expectancy. For example, companies that provide customer support and directory enquiries. Or, PRNs work for businesses hosting a charity event, competition or virtual chat service.  Best of all, you can test a billing solution to meet your company’s unique offers, services and tools. Certainly, utilize micropayment providers to run a PRN with unique billing settings.

Internet Based Number Providers

Of course, internet based PRN providers are a top solution for phone services. Compared to traditional providers, internet PRN solutions are cheaper and simpler to setup. On any internet browsers, users can apply, receive and activate their number immediately. You can determine the start up or monthly fees. Plus, all PRNs are accessed as a shareable link. As a result, customers can go online, click the link and instantly start contacting you directly from their browsers. Of course, you can answer the call from any device connected to the internet. More so, online providers offer automatic charge features. Each payment is automatically transferred to your payouts, which can be accessed every 7 days. Surely, consider using internet based PRN providers to offer phone services.

B2B Providers

Finally, consider B2B premium rate number providers for commercial applications. B2B platforms combine both call center solutions and an advanced interactive voice response (IVR) system. Call center services direct calls from all current and potential customers. Plus, they can handle a considerable amount of calls simultaneously. Meanwhile, the IVR system utilizes a speech recognition function to manage calls. Depending on customer queries, they can be met with an automated message or routed to a call center agent. As a result, B2B businesses can automatically answer, screen and forward various calls accordingly. Certainly, utilize B2B premium rate number providers to access phone services.

There are various best premium rate number providers for phone services. First, wholesale providers offer multiple tariffs and support throughout your business. Secondly, consider IPRN providers to create your own IPRN business, instantly set up numbers and manage your account online in real time. Next, utilize micropayment solutions to provide services if you are expecting to inquire a large volume of calls. Of course, think about internet based PRN providers to access regular PRN services but through an online dashboard. Finally, connect with a B2B PRN provider for automated features, large call volume management and IVR solutions. These are the best premium rate number providers for phone services.

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