5 Easy Steps To Get A Vanity Number For Your Business

A business vanity number is a great marketing tool for a local business. Potential customers are more likely to remember and respond to a phone number themed to the business. Such vanity numbers are also still toll free, meaning they do not cost the clients anything to call them. As the owner of a small local business, a vanity number can help you stand out in the market. With a few simple steps, a vanity number is also easy to acquire. Here are the 5 steps to get a vanity number for your business.

Choose A Number

The first step to getting a vanity number, is to pick one. This involves looking at your own company and what it does. Effective marketing for your small business is essential to its success. Your vanity number should be easy to remember and easy to advertise. You will need to pick between seven and ten numbers for this number. Many use letters associated with numbers through the number pad, spelling out their name or part of the services they offer. You can also pick numbers that are easy to remember or can be sung in tune to your company’s jingle. The choice of a vanity number will be personal, so look to yourself as you pick it.

Choose A Provider

Now that you have a number in mind, you will need to locate a number provider to offer it. These number are owned by a large collection of companies, who rent them out for businesses to use. These providers differ widely in price, services offered, and quality. Many providers will charge considerable costs for poor service that often drops calls. As a result, it is important research the various options. There will be both natural providers and local ones to your area. If you choose to change providers, you nay not get to keep the same vanity number. This means you must make the right decision the first time.

Locate A Vanity Number

Once you have a vanity number and provider in mind, you need to determine if your vanity number is available. Most vanity numbers should be available, if you don’t care about the area code. You may not get a 1-800 number, but the customizable digits will be what you picked. If your choice isn’t available, you may have to consider another number or provider. Be ready for this possibility by thinking up a few alternatives. Once you locate an available number, you can purchase it for your company.

Add Extensions

With the help of your provider, you can build extensions onto this number. You can set up a customized automatic receiver for the phone, and redirect customers to various employees as their needs dictate. This step will ensure your new vanity number works like any business number. You can even establish voicemail or hold music services with some providers. These services give your company the professional appearance that a vanity phone number also bestows.

Customize System

You can now take your vanity number and make it fit your company. Most providers will let you receive calls to a vanity number on your mobile phone. Other services will offer advanced options for voicemail, such as sending them to email accounts. This allows your business practices to shape use of your vanity number. This ensures that you don’t have to put new procedures to take on a vanity number. You can continue to work as you like, with the benefit of a vanity number.

Getting a vanity number for your business is a major business decision. It can be done quickly and easily in a few steps. First pick the personal number you want between 7 to 10 digits. Locate a provider that offers the prices and services you desire. Determine if your chosen number is available and modify it if it is not. Once the number is acquired, add a switchboard and extensions to serve your company. Use customizable tools to make the vanity number work for how you run your business. With these steps you can stand out in your market with a smart new custom phone number.

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