How Print Marketing Materials Can Revamp Small Business Strategies

Marketing a small business can be tough. With little-to-no marketing budget for TV ads or online advertisements, getting the word out is exponentially more challenging. Unfortunately, many small business owners are under the wrongful assumption that print marketing materials are ineffective in today’s technology-obsessed society. However, this is simply untrue. Print marketing materials are especially useful tools for small business in particular. Find out why you should be using printed marketing materials to advertise your small business below.

Aging Audiences

If you want to reach aging audiences, print materials are a must for your marketing campaigns. Baby Boomers in particular are one audience that are better reached through this medium. If your target audience is a bit younger, say Millennials or even Gen Y-ers, print media may not be as effective. However, printed marketing materials are a must use tool for any marketing strategies that hope to reach older audiences. If you need to ask “what is a millennial?”, you may not have to worry about this. Keep this in mind when you are considering whether to use them for your business.


Printed media is portable. Consumers can carry it with them wherever they go, including, hopefully, to your business. The same is technically true of digital media marketing materials as well. However, while digital ads are portable, they are also easily forgotten. Printed marketing flyers, mailers or other materials are impossible to forget when they are taking up space in your pocket or bag. This makes consumers much more likely to spread the word about your business to their family and friends. Ultimately, this is one reason you should certainly consider printing marketing materials for business.

Less Competition

Online marketing is a field that is rife with tough, well-funded competition. Print marketing tools allow you to operate within a far less competitive space. The more businesses that write off print marketing and rely on digital marketing alone, like Warby Parker, the more advertising space your business has to capitalize on. Print marketing strategies allow you to reach consumers in a different way that gets their attention, especially since no one else is competing for their attention in this arena. Make sure you consider this advantage when deciding whether or not print marketing is worth it anymore.

Staying Power

Using printed materials for marketing purposes affords your business the staying power that is impossible on the rapidly-changing web. Print media is permanent. Digital advertising is not. You can choose to send your customers print media materials, like calendars or notepads, that they can keep with them in all different settings. This will keep your brand front and center in their minds at all times. That can be especially beneficial whenever they need certain services or products that your business happens to offer. If you want to improve brand image for your business and build a loyal brand following, print media marketing materials can help you do that.

Engages With All Senses

Print media does not just inform the receiver, it engages them too. Printed marketing materials engage all the consumer’s senses. Digital marketing strategies only capture customers’ eyes. Print marketing strategies, on the other hand, simultaneously engage multiple customer senses, including touch, smell and sight. Engages multiple senses simultaneously is proven to help with retention. That means that your business stands a much better chance of clients remembering your brand and your product. This is a serious advantage that print marketing tactics have over online marketing strategies, which is why you may want to consider them a viable option.

If you are a small business owner, implementing the latest and best marketing tactics can be difficult. You simply do not have the staff or the budget to take advantage of the big data marketing strategies in use by major corporations. However, print marketing is not dead. Do not let anyone fool you. Print marketing materials can greatly benefit any business, and small businesses arguably stand to benefit the most from this traditional marketing technique. Consider the reasons why to use print marketing materials mentioned above. Printed marketing mailers, coupons and other materials are sure to benefit your bottom line. Make sure to incorporate them into all of your cross channel marketing strategies.

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