5 Industries To Enter For Profitable Franchises Under 100K

Franchising is an excellent way to own and operate a business. As a prospective franchisee, you likely know that owning a franchise allows you to hold less risk and liability. At the same time, franchisees still earn healthy incomes. Owning a franchise gives you brand recognition to easily access a base of consumers and saves you from having to splurge on advertising. Almost all fields of business offer some form of franchise opportunity to those seeking. Read this post to learn about the industries with the most profitable franchises under 100k.

Real Estate

The real estate industry offers many franchises under 100k that you can take advantage of. Real estate franchises are especially successful in areas with high population densities, mainly near cities or other large financial centers. These areas contain a large number of consumers seeking to move within these high population areas, even if it means paying premium fees. Many real estate franchises additionally offer sales training and support, which can greatly simplify hiring or training processes for potential employees. These real estate brands also provide the promotional materials and brand recognition consumers are seeking when making such important purchases. As a prospective franchisee seeking stability and profitability, there are plenty of real estate franchises under 100k to take advantage of.

Fast Food

One of the largest sources of franchised operations is the fast food industry. Fast food restaurants are located all over the place and are frequented by millions of consumers daily. Of all the industries to become involved in, fast food generally requires the least amount of effort to remain successful. With these corporations being so large and so prevalent, their location is sufficient to drive customers through the door. Owning a major fast food chain, prospective owners will not have to spend any funds on advertising or acquiring new customers. While many alternatives may be less expensive to open, it is doubtful they will produce the same traffic as a fast food operation. A fast food operation is a fantastic franchise under 100k to become a part of.


Distribution represents another growing industry for you to become involved in. A distribution franchise has the potential to save business owners money. As a prospective franchisee, you do not have to acquire machinery to produce goods. Not having to purchase tools and machinery, allows you to directly focus on hiring quality staff and researching the most effective delivery options. Distribution centers are frequently demanded due to thriving e-commerce businesses. Owners that can implement procedures that strengthen quality and delivery speed can be largely successful. For many aspiring franchisees, distribution centers are a popular, stable, and profitable franchise under 100k.

Pest Control

As a potential franchisee, you should also explore options in the pest control industry. Pest control has separate functions like insect and rodent control. However, you may also consider a pest control company specializing in all pest control services. Pest control is another example of a stable industry, as it serves many functions. Pest control is also very inexpensive to operate. The majority of functions performed by a pest control agency require them to travel to customers, therefore decreasing their need for a large physical space. Additionally, many pest control employees use readily available, inexpensive chemicals for their operations. Operating a company with mobile locations and inexpensive raw materials is an excellent method to remain profitable. The pest control business is certainly an industry to explore when searching for profitable franchises under 100k.

Travel Planning

Prospective owners should also consider taking advantage of travel planning franchises under 100k. There are various types of travel franchises worth taking advantage of. Popular options include Flight Planning, Cruise Planners, and All-Inclusive Trip Planners. Since, travel planning franchises primarily operate online, you can run one from the comfort of your own home. Running digital or at-home operations greatly reduces your employment and operations costs. Digital operations make initial investments and franchise fees some of the lowest in the market as well. You may even be able to find companies that offer excellent discounts to their franchise owners, so that they understand the products they are selling. Operating a travel planning company can be an interesting, fun, and rewarding option when seeking for profitable franchises under 100k.

Franchise ownership is an excellent way to operate a business. Owners do not need to worry about obtaining the top promotional products, brand recognition, or customer traffic. Parent companies offer them these necessities. Real estate is an excellent option for owners considering a unique market fueled by important decisions and large purchases. Those seeking profitability and success may be interested in operating a fast food franchise, where business is constantly operating at a fast pace. The pest control industry provides stability through consumers who cannot accomplish these tasks on their own. Distribution centers represent a constantly improving industry as well. Travel planning also demonstrates an industry that requires relatively low levels of capital to become involved in. While some prospective franchises will seek simple success, others may seek more risk and excitement. Consider the differences between these industries when opening your own franchises under 100k.

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