Top Promotional Products To Spread The Word About Your Business

Promotional products help businesses spread the word about their business. Business owners give low-cost branded products away and receive years worth of free word of mouth advertising for their efforts. That is why promo items can have such a high return on investment for businesses. This is especially true for small businesses, in particular. They often need help building brand recognition for their business, even with an Instagram business profile. If you are a small business owner looking to give away creative promotional products to your customers, keep reading below. This post lists the top promotional products to help customers remember your brand and do the word of mouth marketing for you.

Wellness Products

Wellness products make for some of the best promotional giveaways in today’s market. Today’s consumers are becoming ever-more mindful of their personal health. They are more concerned with living a healthy, fit lifestyle that promotes well-being for all aspects of their minds and bodies. You can easily capitalize on this knowledge by giving away branded promotional items that help them achieve their health and fitness goals. Water bottles, salad bowls, fitness trackers and similar fitness products are excellent options. These are some of the top promotional products that customers are sure to love for many months to come.

Wireless Chargers

Wireless charging pads are another one of the best promotional items to use for business marketing purposes. These are one of the hottest new tech gadgets around. However, they are not something that many consumers are willing to shell out their own money to try. That is why this is one of the great promo gifts for businesses. You can almost guarantee that consumers will actually use them. Thus, they are certain to remember your brand, especially if you work in mobile app development. In addition, these promotional gifts also stay on a desk in perfect sight all day long. That makes the odds likely that many other people will become familiar with your brand because of the item. If you want to generate brand awareness, consider buying tech gadget promotional items like branded wireless charging pads. It is one of the best promo products available now.

Tote Bags

Give away branded tote bags to market your small business. Nowadays, everyone is trying to be more eco-friendly. Because of this, more and more consumers are turning to reusable totes to bag their groceries or schlep their belongings to the gym, work or home. Branded tote bags are cheap for business marketing purposes. They are also highly visible and portable. That is why they are sure to get a lot of impressions from other consumers that come into contact with the winners of your promotional giveaways. If you are looking for some of the best cheap promotional items for business marketing strategies, these are it. Promotional tote bags are, and have been for years, one of the best promo gifts to give away.


If you are willing to pay a bit more, branded umbrellas make for some of the best promotional products. Umbrellas are something that no consumer can be without. They are also something that lots of other people take notice of when traveling throughout their rainy day. You are sure to give your brand awareness strategies a boost using promotional umbrellas for business marketing. These promo items can also be customized to be branded for your business. You can customize umbrella color and design options to make sure it reflects your business brand image. That is what makes branded umbrellas one of the top promotional products for businesses of all sizes.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are some of the most creative and exciting promotional products to give away for business purposes. Branded Bluetooth speakers can be expensive. However, there are cheap promotional Bluetooth speakers that are made of cheaper materials, like cardboard, that make them available to all marketing budgets. There is not a single consumer in the world that would throw away a wireless speaker, even if it does have your business logo prominently featured on the product. Customizable wireless speakers for business promotions also allow you to design a cool, unique look that promo winners will want to use. If you want to give away the best promotional products, branded wireless speakers are it.

Finding creative, unique promotional products can be difficult. But, you do not always have to worry about your promo items being unique, as long as consumers actually want and enjoy them. That is all that really matters. That is why we created this post for you. The five great promo gifts detailed above are some of the top promotional products consumers want to receive. Giving these branded products away is one of the best ways to supplement your business marketing plan. It will help you build word of mouth advertising strategies and boost brand awareness for your business, especially if you use these tactics alongside your e-newsletter marketing. Make sure you offer some of these top promo items to offer the best promotional giveaways for business.

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