5 Types Of Project Manager Certifications For Team Leaders

Nearly all business professionals can benefit from earning additional certifications. Prospective supervisors need to secure project manager certifications to stand out to employers looking for team leaders. Hopeful project managers like you can earn these credentials to bolster their resumes and secure better positions. However, there are numerous project manager certifications to apply for. With so many options, it may be hard to decide which one is the best for you. In this post, we will breakdown and explain a few types of project manager certifications.

Project Management Professional

Of all the project manager certifications, the PMP is the most prestigious credential. The project management professional certification exam covers every aspect of managing the triple restraints. These are time, scope, and cost. Granted by the Project Management Institute, the PMP certification requires you to have a 4-year college degree and at least three years of experience. Alternatively, applicants with only a high school diploma must have five years experience and 35 hours of project management education. To take the PMP test via computer, applicants must pay over $400. As far as project manager certifications go, the PMP is the gold standard.

Program Management Professional

If you plan to oversee multiple assignments, then a PgMP may be the right project manager certification for you. Managers with this certification can plan office lunches and monitor multiple teams simultaneously. A program management professional certification shows that you know how to multitask. A PgMP demonstrates that you can handle several projects at once. To earn your PgMP, you must pay $800 and pass a 170 question exam. Also, you need to earn 60 professional development units every three years to maintain your credentials. As a prerequisite, you must either a obtain a high school diploma or a 4-year degree. Also, applicants need 10,000 hours or 6,000 hours experience, respectively. For professionals hoping to oversee multiple tasks simultaneously, a PgMP may be the best choice in project manager certifications.

Certified Associate In Project Management

Similar to the PMP, the PMI grants the certified associate in project management certification. However, this project manager certification is considered entry-level. This credential certifies that the holder has demonstrated fundamental knowledge and skills in the industry. The CAPM has similar costs and requirements as the PMP, though the exam covers less material. In many cases, this is the first step for professionals who hope to someday earn their PMP certification. Individuals applying for project manager certifications can use the CAPM as a stepping stone on the way towards higher qualifications.

Master Project Manager

Professionals with experience in business and technical management may consider an MPM for their project manager certifications. Master project manager credentials are modeled after professional licenses for pilots, doctors, and lawyers. The American Academy of Project Management issues the MPM certification. They require applicants to have a minimum of three years experience in project management. Alternatively, a master’s degree in the field is adequate. Comparatively, the MPM is the cheapest certification to require. You do not need the best financial status or the best Visa credit card for improving it to receive this certificate. The MPM only costs $300 for the application and review. MPM project manager certifications are great for professionals with years of experience but limited education.

Certified Scrum Master

Finally, CSM project manager certifications are excellent for professions in the IT field. The certified Scrum master credential proves recipients have a solid understanding of agile strategies. The Scrum Alliance grants CSMs to applicants who demonstrate general, practical knowledge of Scrum usage. The cost of the training course is between $995 and $1,400. Similar to the CAPM certification, the CSM is typically a stepping stone for professionals on their way to more advanced certifications. If you are proficient in scrum, then CSM project manager certifications are a great fit.

Prospective team leaders should stay up-to-date on the latest HR news and management trends. Additionally, project manager certifications are a must-have for professionals hoping to take on supervisor roles. The PMP is the most coveted of the certifications and requires you to know that most information. PgPMs are excellent for professionals who plan to oversee multiple projects simultaneously. The CAPM typically serves as a jumping-off point for those who plan to earn their PMP certification. MPMs are great certifications for individuals who have more years of work experience than education. Finally, the CSM, much like the CAPM, is a starting point for professionals. Refer back to this guide as you select the right type of project manager certifications for you.

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