How To Find The Best Visa Card To Build Credit Carefully

Everyone should have a credit card. Without a credit card, how else do you start building credit? The credit history you build when have a credit card will make it possible for you to buy a home, take out a second mortgage or lease a car in the future. If you are getting a credit card, you want to make sure it is the best one for your financial situation. Learn how to find the best Visa card for your particular financial circumstance in the post below.

Get A Free Credit Report

You need to know your credit score before you try finding a credit card. Your credit score will have a huge impact on what types of Visa credit cards are actually available to you. The best way to do this is to get your free annual credit report from credit reporting agencies. This way, you can know what you are working with. It will help you narrow down your search to those Visa cards that you are most likely to get approved for. If you want to find the best Visa card for you without hurting your credit with a credit rejection, obtain a copy of your most recent, up-to-date credit report to look for cards within your credit score range.

Think About Rewards

Do you want your credit cards to offer certain perks or rewards? Ask yourself this before you start applying for credit cards. There are many rewards Visa credit cards to consider that offer rewards of all different kinds. You may choose to look only for travel rewards credit cards. Or, you may prefer to look for company-specific rewards credit cards, like ones for Carnival Cruises or Disney. Consider what type of rewards credit cards you want to look for. This is the best way to narrow down your search for the best Visa credit card.

Avoid Fees

Look for credit cards with no annual fees. Annual credit card fees can be costly. You are paying money to borrow money. So, it really does not make much financial sense to get a credit card that charges an annual fee for use. However, many travel rewards credit cards, particularly air mileage rewards credit cards, charge annual fees to cardholders for the additional perks the cards provide. Some people do not mind paying credit card fees for the exclusive Visa credit card perks they provide access to. This is a decision you must make yourself. But keep in mind, almost all financial advisors and online accountants would advise you steer clear of any credit cards with annual fees.

Introductory Offers

The best Visa cards often offer enticing introductory offers to bring in new customers. You should definitely be looking at all the different introductory offers from various Visa cards. Compare those introductory credit card offers. Some may offer 0% interest rates for the first six months. Others will offer 0% balance transfer interest or 0% interest for an introductory period of 12 months. Consider what offers would best benefit your personal finances. This is one of the best ways to distinguish the best Visa card for your personal financial health.


Credit card APR should be your number one consideration when looking for the best credit cards to help you build credit. APR stands for annual percentage rate. This is the rate at which you will be charged interest for outstanding credit card balances. The higher the APR, the worse the credit card is for your long-term financial health. That is, unless you plan to immediately pay off credit card debts every single month in full. The odds of that are not good, especially when you are just starting to build credit. Compare Visa credit card interest rates to find the lowest APR credit card for yourself. This way, you are sure to become a cardholder with the credit card that will hurt your own personal financial health the absolute least.

If you are looking to find the best Visa card for your personal finances, consider the factors detailed above. These are the things you need to keep in mind when deciding between all the many different Visa credit cards that are available to those that want them. It will help you find the best Visa credit card to build credit history for yourself while also benefiting the status of your personal finances. Then, you can apply for a credit card that you know you will get accepted for to start building credit for lifelong financial stability and prosperity. Or, if you need to find a business credit card in particular, click here.

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