5 Promotional Advertising Ideas To Increase Product Awareness

The concept of promotional advertising requires an understanding of two main concepts. Firstly, advertising is the outreach that companies use to create brand awareness. Meanwhile, promotions are deals or sales that encourage customers to buy now rather than later. Now, you might be wondering, what is promotional advertising? It’s simply putting together your advertising and promotional efforts to increase awareness for products that might be on sale or offer great value. In this post, we’ll explain how marketing professionals can use promotional advertising ideas for products.

Traditional Forms Of Advertising

As usual, you can start with the basic forms of promotional advertising. Simply, start advertising your product promotions wherever you customers are. If they watch certain TV shows, then take out some TB commercials at the local station. Or, you can simply target print ads at relevant publishers, newspapers, journals and magazines. When you buy traditional advertising, make sure the ad includes the promotion and reason to buy the product now.

Sponsor City Wide Campaigns

Transitioning to a more unique promotional ad idea, you can partner with city governments for sponsorships. These unique marketing collaborations could put your advertisements on top of taxis, on the sides of buses or even on subway trains. This type of advertising works when your customers are in a certain urban area. Moreover, the ad formats are large enough to communicate a sale or deal for people to take advantage of. It is out of the box marketing ideas like this that drive the small business revolution.

Send Out An Email Blast For Promotion

Often times, companies will come out with a great promotion. But, they are not aggressive enough about advertising that deal to their customers. By the time word of mouth gets around, the promotion is either close to ending or already over. To avoid this situation, send out an email newsletter that advertises the promotions that are ongoing. If you customers benefit from the promotions, they are more likely to stay subscribed for future updates. More importantly, you can get the word out quickly about your product promotions with just one email.

Advertise At Industry And Special Events

Not enough marketing professionals use special events for promotional advertising. In almost every metro area, there are plenty of events going on annually. You can set up sponsorships or advertising campaigns with festivals, fairs or trade shows in the area. Used as growth solutions, these events will allow your company to communicate ongoing promotions and deals for your product line. On top of that, these events help your marketing efforts build relationships with the community and bring awareness to your product promotions.

Encourage Customers To Capture Your Product

In today’s marketing world, the power of an image is worth much more than a thousand words. Encourage your current customers to take pictures with your products and share them online. If they post your product on their social profiles, it will result in highly targeted promotional advertising for your company. Of course, you should engage with those customers and thank them for being so supportive. This will help build more connections online, increase your following and boost your sales strategies.

Implement these promotional advertising ideas to generate product awareness. In addition to having a great deal, you must market that deal to your customer base. You can use traditional or unique advertising placements. Then, leverage your followings on social media and email. Additionally, make sure to get involved in the community and partner with special events. If you utilize all these ideas for promotional advertising, you will see a much better return on your discount sales.

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