Business Cars Rental Places To Help Business Owners Lower Costs


Business cars are sometimes a necessity. This may be a slightly frightening concept for some small business owners, as it typically is a very expensive need. However, knowing where to go to look for business cars may help your business save a couple bucks. This post will highlight the top options for renting business cars. This way, you can price shop to save yourself some money.


The first, and most obvious choice, for business cars rentals is Enterprise. Enterprise, because it is such a dominant name in the rental car business, may not come cheap. However, with locations all across the country, they do provide an advantage in convenience. Enterprise business cars also come with the added advantage of picking drivers up. So, if your employee flies out to another state and needs the rental car to meet him at the hotel, that will not be an issue. It does not hurt that the pick-up service is free of charge, as well. Enterprise also offers month long rentals, if you have a need for a longer period of use. If you want business cars from the best in the rental car industry, consider Enterprise.


Another, perhaps unconventional, option is ZipCar, made available thanks to the rise of the sharing economy. You may have heard of ZipCar if you have a child in college or if you live in a big city. Outside of those circumstances however, you may not even recognize the name. ZipCar is a bit of a different rental experience. These business cars are typically parked in high traffic locations. Then, users who have purchased a membership with the company can hop in one whenever they need it. This provides huge advantages for small business owners, like you. There is, of course, the disadvantage of fewer business cars located in rural areas. However, if your employees only travel to big cities, this is not of concern. Consider your specific needs for the business cars you rent. ZipCar may be a simple, low-cost solution.

Hippo Leasing

Hippo Leasing, while not an option to those traveling within the United States, provides a great solution for business owners frequently traveling to the UK. This company offers short-term leases for business cars. If you are planning a lengthy business trip to the UK, it may be cheaper to choose Hippo leasing over the rental competition. Hippo provides options for fleets as well as single car needs. Whether you have a need for a large amount of business cars or just one, Hippo will be able to serve you. Consider them for your next business trip in the United Kingdom.


Thrifty is the last business cars rental company on our list. However, they may be the best option for a small business owner like you, who do not want to have to worry about searching “oil change near me” during your rental period. Thrifty provides specific packages for small business owners. They will work within your budget to bring you the business cars you need at a price you can afford. With great features like free additional drivers and multi-month rentals, this company has all you need and more. As long as your business cars are needed in the United States or Canada, you can find a Thrifty location to rent from. Consider Thrifty business cars if you are a small business owner that values specialized service.

Best Cars For Business

Just as there are options for where to rent your car, there are also many options for the actual type of car you rent. That is why it is important to consider the fact that there are some cars that are better for business than others. One of the best business cars of recent years is the Chevrolet Volt. This car offers an economical ride, as it has a combined fuel economy, meaning it uses both an electric motor and a gas engine to power the car. At 41MPG, you can definitely save some money on gas expenses with this car. Consider the Chevy Volt if you are looking to rent the best car for business.

No matter which of the above companies you choose for your business cars, you cannot go wrong. Enterprise has tons of locations across the United States, which may lend itself to an easier rental experience. ZipCar is the perfect option if you know your business will only call you to big-cities where their business cars are available. Hippo Leasing is a great option for business trips overseas whereas, Thrifty is a great option for a trip north of the border. Figure out your particular needs for business cars before making your decision, just as you did before buying office space for business. Have you rented business cars from any of the companies listed above? If so, please share your experience with us in the comments below.

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