Telemarketing Companies To Choose For Better Lead Generation Tactics


If you own a small business that is just getting off the ground, surely your primary concern is generating leads. Telemarketing companies can help your business do that. While telemarketing may seem like a practice of the past, it is still a viable method when used properly. In order to effectively utilize this practice, you must use the best companies available. This post is here to help you with that. Here are the top telemarketing companies for small business. Consider any of these for your needs, and know that you will be in good hands. is one of the top telemarketing companies out there, and with good reason. The company has recently joined on with AnswerNet, another leader in the industry, to provide even better services to their clients. This partnership offers one of the most comprehensive lists of services provided. They even provide special services tailored for small business owners, in particular. It is a huge advantage to work with a company that understands your specific needs as a small business owner. If you value that kind of specialized knowledge, consider or AnswerNet.


Another one of the top telemarketing companies is DialAmerica. This particular company specializes in the fields of healthcare, financial services and business to business telemarketing, which is perfect if you own a commercial roofing business or similar. DialAmerica has been specializing in these industries for over sixty years. Throughout their tenure, they have learned many tricks of the trade. They have mastered what it takes to effectively utilize telemarketing for healthcare, finance and B2B. If your business operates within one of these industries, DialAmerica is probably the best telemarketing company for you.


Talk2Rep is another telemarketing company to consider. They offer services for a variety of industries. Compared to DialAmerica’s focused expertise, this may seem like a disadvantage that they also offer product naming services. However, Talk2Rep has provided award winning services across every industry they take on. In addition, Talk2Rep provides multi-lingual services. This is a huge advantage in a place like the United States, where many residents do not speak English as their primary language. If you want to reach the largest audience possible, regardless of language, Talk2Rep is one of the best telemarketing companies to choose.

Telemarketing Consultant

The final telemarketing company on our list is Telemarketing Consultant. This company is an excellent choice if you value name recognition. Telemarketing Consultant has worked for a slew of household names including John Deere, Panasonic and most recently, the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. In addition to working with some of the top names in their respective industries, Telemarketing Consultant also helps with all aspects of a telemarketing campaign. They can help you prepare scripts, program databases for list management and even train staff for optimum telemarketing performance. Telemarketing Consultant is one of the few telemarketing companies that does it all. Consider them if you have multiple needs for services and want to work with a company that gets a lot of name recognition in small business news.

Telemarketing Advantages

Telemarketing companies offer a ton of advantages to small businesses, despite common misconceptions about their effectiveness. Modern telemarketing services offer both inbound and outbound services. They are staffed by professionals that have all the best marketer traits you could hope for. These companies provide lead generation, market research, seminar and event registration, appointment setting and even technical support. Gone are the days of telemarketing phone calls with the sole purpose of selling people something they do not want. These new telemarketing solutions can help you in many different areas of business. This is an important consideration to keep in mind if you are thinking of reaching out to a telemarketing company of your choosing.

Call Recording Features

Make sure that any telemarketing companies you consider offer call recording features. This is the only way to guarantee employee accountability. It will also ensure that customer services guidelines are being adhered to for your experiential marketing campaigns. That way, you have a full understanding of what is contributing to your business levels of customer satisfaction.  If you consider any telemarketing services outside of the companies mentioned above, just be sure to inquire about their call recording features.

If you are a business owner browsing telemarketing companies looking for the best, thanks to the advantages of internet, you can allow this post to serve as a guide. The telemarketing companies highlighted on this list are some of the top in their field. Choosing any of them will prove to be a wise decision. Consider one the telemarketing companies listed above for your business. You will not regret it.

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