5 Requirements For Bulk Postage Discount Rates

There are several requirements for bulk postage discount rates. By following a few simple steps, companies can save money on bulk commercial postage pricing. The USPS clearly outlines the rules and regulations to get the minimum postage rates. As a business owner, you should qualify for lower bulk rates, giving your company access to lower costs and mailing discounts. You can also use fulfillment shipping services to manage and ship your orders. In this article, we will discuss the USPS requirements necessary to qualify for bulk postage discount rates.

Mailing Piece Quantity

The mailing quantity is one of the factors determining bulk postage discount rates. To get a discount on first class mail, at least 500 pieces of mail have to be sent. For USPS marketing mail, at least 200 pieces or 50 pounds of mail have to be sent. Meanwhile, 50 pieces of mail are required to get a bulk postage discount rate if you wish to send your mail parcel select. Additionally, 300 pieces are required for presorted or carrier bound printed matter as well as library mail and media mail. Depending on the type of mailer your business sends, you’ll need to send between 200-500 pieces to meet the minimum quantity requirement. Of course, there are cardboard box suppliers who will supply packaging for your products. If you send the amount specified here, you will have fulfilled one requirement for bulk postage discounts.

Prepared Mailing Requirements

Next, prepare your mailing pieces to meet the USPS bulk postage discount requirements. Typically, all outgoing pieces should be in the same mailing category, including letters, postcards and mailers. Secondly, print the zip code on the piece of mail. In addition, all pieces of mail must qualify as standard mail. Thus, any checks or bills must be sent as first class mail separately. Moreover, the bulk postage must be presorted in order to receive a discount. By completing the proper mailing preparation requirements, you are one step closer to getting bulk postage discounts.

Necessary Forms for Bulk Postage Discounts 

Fill out and file the necessary forms to qualify for USPS bulk postage discount rates. You can file bulk postage discount forms for both non-profit and for-profit businesses. Download these forms on the USPS website. Choose between the standard, first class, and priority mail form options. Standard mail and first class mail cannot be combined to receive a discount, so you must file them separately. If you have trouble filling out any of the required forms, the postal staff should be able to assist you. Additionally, you can use bulk postage software to automate the form-filling process as well. Although this process may be time-consuming, filling out the required forms is an essential requirement for bulk postage discounts.

Bulk Postage Permits and Fees

Moreover, you must secure the required permits and fees to qualify for bulk postage discount rates. Every bulk postage discount requires a USPS-issued bulk mail permit readily available at your local post office. Following the approval of your application, the USPS will then issue a permit number and personal Mailer-ID. The permit number is required each time you send bulk mail. Fees are also required to receive bulk postage discounts. USPS bulk mail permits cost $245.00 annually. If you use imprinted stamps, there is also a postage imprint fee. By applying for a permit and paying a fee, you ensure that your bulk postage is discounted.

Calculating Bulk Postage Savings 

Finally, you must calculate your savings to get a bulk postage discount. Many factors impact how bulk postage discount rates are calculated. Discounts are calculated based on where the mail is going. If the mail is going within a relatively small area, the discount will be higher. The discount is mainly calculated based on the distance the postage travels. Of course, the size and weight of the mail will also factor into the discount calculation.Use the USPS shipping discount calculator to determine your maximum savings. Discount calculation is fairly unpredictable, but understanding how it is calculated can be helpful.

There are several requirements for getting bulk postage discounts. By filing the proper permits, fees, and paperwork, you can qualify for bulk postage discounts. The amount and type of mail being sent determines which discount you will receive. Bulk postage discounts are based on where the mail is going and how large and heavy each piece of mail is. By understanding these factors and completing the proper paperwork, you can receive helpful bulk postage discounts.

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