5 Top Styles Cardboard Box Suppliers Offer Businesses

With a vast array of cardboard box styles available, business owners struggle to choose the best options for shipping products. As a business owner, you need to choose a style of cardboard box that effectively protects and delivers your products. When businesses fail to use high-quality shipping materials, they reduce their customer satisfaction rates. In addition to purchasing protective boxes, choose a box style and a supplier that is affordable. If you want to learn about the styles cardboard box suppliers offer, continue reading.

Corrugated Display Boxes

Many businesses excel with corrugated display boxes. You can use this type of box for back-end storage or front-end display. When the boxes are designed for storage, they are generally plain cardboard that is folded to store materials. Front-end display boxes, however, often incorporate graphics and advertisements onto the box itself. Hence, they make for great marketing materials. They encourage stores to position products in these display boxes, which draws more attention to your products on shelves. Consider this style offered by cardboard box suppliers.

Hazardous Materials Boxes

Certain businesses use hazardous materials boxes to ship products as well. These boxes are printed with mandatory information warnings for shippers and distribution centers. They are required to ship and store flat at all times. They are also printed with ‘this side up’ arrows. Companies that ship paint, hazardous gases, or even extremely fragile materials particularly use these boxes. If your business uses flammable, dangerous, or fragile materials, consider a supplier offering hazardous materials. Keep in mind that you need to order the right shipping container sizes.

Insulated Boxes

Additionally, contact cardboard box suppliers who offer insulated boxes if you ship heat sensitive, fragile or perishable materials. They contain a general cardboard box, which is then packed with an insulated box liner. The liner will generally be made of a water resistant, leak proof material, or in some instances a foam insulation. Lightweight leak proof insulators work best for perishables, while foam will work best for extremely fragile products. These boxes are optimal for businesses shipping food, liquids, pharmaceuticals, and medical materials. These boxes ensure that its contents maintain its internal temperature. To best protect your product seek cardboard box providers offering insulated boxes.

Pizza Boxes

If you operate a take-out food business, you must find a supplier that sells pizza boxes. Business owners who took advantage of food franchise opportunities also need these boxes. Pizza boxes are sold FDA approved for food contact. They come flat and are easy to assemble, which is optimal for storage. Many suppliers allow you to add graphics which provide additional advertisement for your business. Pizza boxes are fairly inexpensive and can be utilized by a wide array of restaurants and businesses. Find a supplier that offers pizza boxes to cater the needs of your take-out business.

Heavy Duty Boxes

Furthermore, consider using heavy duty boxes as well. Businesses that operate with heavy, over-sized materials typically use such boxes. They are frequently categorized by the walls of the cardboard box. More so, they are offered in single, double, or triple wall boxes. Additionally, many companies offer bulk cargo heavy duty containers. These come equipped with a wooden pallet to protect materials. These containers protect against heavy stacking, transportation shifts, and even drops. To best protect your shipped materials, consider a supplier providing heavy duty boxes.

The packaging in which your product is shipped speaks for the quality of your product and your business as a whole. That being said, it is crucial to select a cardboard box supplier that caters to the need of your business. For companies needing boxes utilized for point of purchase display, consider corrugated display boxes. For those shipping hazardous or extremely fragile materials, consider hazardous or insulated boxes. Restaurants should consider pizza boxes as an efficient, cost-effective to-go method. Furthermore, companies shipping heavy or over sized materials should utilize heavy duty boxes to guarantee the safe handling of materials. Consider these styles cardboard box suppliers offer for businesses.

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